Hi, I’m Eran Kaplan. Video Guru is my creative vision for what an animation house can be.

After spending the two decades as a VP Marketing for couple of the leading technology companies in Israel, I opened Video Guru in 2014 to serve clients with an approach that is uniquely professional, creative and transparent.

As the CEO and Creative Director of our animation company, I’ve learned to surround myself with talented and curious people where ideas and execution thrive.

A dad for 2 boys, Leaves in Tel Aviv, and love making movies.


imageedit_13_3157724846Alex Kagan, joined Video Guru in 2014, as our Art Director, and run a team of talented designers and illustrators.

Alan is in charge of transforming the visual brief into highly creative storyboard.

Dad for a boy and a girl , Leaves in  Tel Aviv.







imageedit_22_7827214505Rahul Panwar, one of the most talented animators I’ve ever met. Rahul joined Video Guru in 2015, as the Director of Animation, and run an in house team of 3D/2D animators and designers.

Rahul has created large scale animation productions,  for gaming, medical, infrastructure, education and storytelling.

Dad for 1 lovely girl, Leaves in New Delhi.




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