Why Animated Videos Are So Effective for Education?


Videos are the simplest way to express your complicated ideas in a remarkable way. Best instrument predominantly for education purpose and for other organization. Animated videos can be great in departing people with information in public domain and other broadcasting. Using great story line and figure of speech in animated explainer videos, it’s easy to composite information to all the viewers.

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That’s why people are able to recall information when they have it in animated videos story form. Stories have their own strike on common knowledge, in incorporating new ideas. Explainer videos use intelligence skills to smoothly deliver ideas in an impressive way. Animated videos accomplish in deliver information and being funny makes it watch and remember for a long time.

How do Animated Explainer Videos Work?

The same fundamentals that make animated explainer video successful for business can be applied to education. In many studies, it has been found that retaining information is high through videos. It is because through videos information is transmitted to the brain in auditory and visual form.  In a study in the only audio hearing, the people can recall half of the information while with the visual form they were able to retain 80 percent of it. In the case of videos with audio and visual the retention rate was 75 percent overall.


How Can Explainer Video be used for Education?

  • Campaigns: It doesn’t matter what campaign you are leading, what matters is how many are people connected with your mission. That also when you are mostly dealing with conceptual ideas and reasoning, it is difficult to make people understand what really you want to do and connect people with the campaign. Animated videos are the best interesting way to make aware and understand them swiftly and efficiently.


  • Public Education: when you need to disburse some information in general public about you educational proposals, explainer videos are the best and efficient way to sent message across, they not only keep your audience engaged with animation but also deliver the message. Explainer videos can be posted across different channels and incorporated on your website or in the presentation. You can expand your reach just by sharing and circulating on different channels.


  • School: It has been the debate, the efficiency of the current education system. How much knowledge students are able to retain when passed on through text? With the evolvement of technology in other fields, our education system needs to evolve with them. The old traditional ways of teaching do not fit in the present system where the information being conveyed is more complex than the past. After certain duration of time in lecture, it’s become boring to the student to carry one further with the same concentration.

Learning need to be methods need to be more entertaining and productive, to retain focus of the students. We need to apply some entertaining method to deliver the same knowledge, but in an interesting way. Studies have found information delivered through stories and visual forms are better in understanding and recalling. Explained visual information retains student concentration for long. Information, when delivered in small videos references, is easier for the student to understand. It shows better result when the same contents with visual effect give a better result from students in lesser time. Animated educational videos are not only better for the student to grasp information, but also helpful to the teacher to explain.

It is surprising that we still remember the moral of stories which we read in childhood, which was shown to us in visual form using in cartoon explainer videos, to make us aware of moral values. Those educational animated videos are still with our memories, this is what companies are trying to make forward in the education system.

Companies are seeking prospect in marketing educational products using animated educational videos. At times to get these animated education videos done, they search for companies to create educational video series or may be a single educational animation video for their business. Business houses also need education videos to inform their client, their future plans and internal teams about processes and other complex issues. The best way out is to have a video presentation to deliver all the possible solutions easily and quickly.

  • Employee Training: Animated videos are best to explain new employees about company policies and procedures. They are the best way to explaining a complex process to employees and to make them learns about them. Animated videos not only saves company time as they are easy to understand but also save money as can be used in future for the same purpose.

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