3D Animation for Businesses: Price vs. Quality, Vertical Markets, Production Process And Awesome Examples

3D Animation for Businesses

Are you looking to create a high-quality 3D Animation for Businesses? 3D Videos are great for growing your brand and increasing customer loyalty.

3D animation is great for businesses looking to create videos for brand awareness and customer retention. We have an awesome solution at a price. We offer spectacular designs with the highest level of animation for dynamic, modern, and pleasant viewing.

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How to Ensure 3D Animations Generate a Profitable ROI

We recommend examining 3D animation production companies in terms of cost-benefits and comparing their offerings based on a few criteria.

A great example for 3D Character Animation:


The script is at the heart of 3D animations for businesses, and it takes years of expertise and experience to properly crack the brief and understand in detail the customer’s marketing environment and the challenges at hand with an emphasis on understanding the end customer’s needs and pain points. A proper script focuses on the key issues and challenges and is written in language that is appropriate for the target audience, which is a critical component to the success of the video.

Design and Illustration

A good script is not in itself a guarantee of success. 3D animations should be well-designed and appropriate for the target audience, and they should create a significant differentiation between you and your competitors. 3D animation can offer top-notch visuals, illustrations, and designs, enabling you to become an advanced, modern leader in your field, demonstrating that you invest in your target audience and deliver high-quality marketing content that is engaging and empowering.


Proper implementation of the sound components—for example, professional narration, that appropriate background music, and sound effects—will make the video better overall and show better results while also leveraging the video and reducing the churn rate.

Animation and Editing

The editing quality is very important. A professional animation team will cut together the raw materials—script, visuals, and sound—in a disciplined manner and will inspire life, rhythm, and interest.

An unprofessional animator’s work may not invest as much in the production components as a professional animator would. Therefore, you should carefully consider your options, the production company, and its animation and professional editing capabilities.

Production Time

A 3D video requires teamwork, just like an orchestra requires perfect timing and instant communication between the orchestra members. A talented production team manager will manage the production professionally, schedule the team members well, and drive the production process forward.

8-10 weeks Production Time.

The average 3D animation video production time is about eight to ten weeks. In comparison, producing a 2D video takes about three weeks.

3D Animation Price Levels

While animation production companies have severe competition, 3D animation companies operate in a less competitive market due to the need for accumulated experience, business and marketing knowledge, and a large team of 3D experts.

We offer highly competitive prices for 3D animation and visualization and an incredible price to quality ratio at any scale. While the average price for a one-minute 3D animation ranges from $6,000 to $7,000, we offer significantly lower prices.

We offer several quality levels, and Video Guru’s average price per project is $3,500.

Types of Businesses and Industries 3D Animation Is Suitable For

3D animation is perfect for any business that sees the importance of quality marketing content. Animated videos create greater engagement with customers and motivate them to act by leaving contact information, clicking through to more information on the site, or leaving a phone number with a request to coordinate an introduction call.

The following markets are the biggest consumers of the 3D animations for businesses.

Medical and Health

Whether established companies and brands or startups, medical companies are required to present high-level animations of human body activity to describe medical challenges, procedures, products, and services.

Body part illustration is a complex task that requires a high level of detail, accuracy, understanding, and experience presenting the medical problems, as well as the company’s solutions. High-level illustration requires strong teamwork and the ability to graphically convey parts of the human body, such as the brain, heart, and internal systems.

Many years of experience and proven statistics about the types of videos we have created over the years point to medical companies as significant growth engines for 3D production companies because they need to properly illustrate human body activities and demonstrate solutions.


High-tech companies overwhelmingly use Explainer Videos in general, and 3D animation in particular, because they need to present products and services as impressively as possible that offer a modern and sometimes futuristic look and feel to motivate customers to purchase the product. In many cases, high-tech companies create animated videos for products in development, presenting beta and early versions of the product to potential investors, business partners, distributors, and marketers.

3D animated videos for tech companies offer great benefits and high-quality images at reasonable prices, which enable high-tech companies to present themselves in a quality, modern, and compelling way.


Companies focused on solutions for areas of infrastructure with a variety of innovative solutions, such as roads, transportation, electricity, water, municipal services, and energy, need 3D animations to demonstrate and present their infrastructure solutions to public and closed tenders for business plans and bids. High-quality presentation of those projects and solutions can drastically leverage the quality of the overall presentation and improve the chances of winning tenders and converting on-paper programs into actual projects.

Online and Offline Training

Companies offering training materials need to publish information in various areas. Using 3D animation allows them to deliver content in a pleasant, interesting, and clear way. Clear tutorials make it easy for the video viewer to understand the information and watch a variety of content with no limitations or viewing time restrictions.

High-quality training content is a prominent and decisive competitive advantage for training companies. High-quality content will enable them to offer paid content in various forms of billing, such as pay-per-view or a monthly subscription.


A Few Words About Us

Video Guru is a unique 3D animation production company that makes high-quality 3D character animations, visualizations, and walk-throughs. We offer the highest 3D animation quality possible, creative thinking, and extensive experience in solving business and marketing challenges. We have a unique DNA in 3D animation production. We are uncompromising and drill down to the smallest details.

We are a team of 25 in-house professionals located in Tel Aviv with a sales office in New York City, and we offer highly competitive pricing and first-class around-the-clock service.

We create professional 3D videos with love and passion,  and believe in reliability and transparency from A to Z and across the production process.

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