Video Marketing – Explainer Video

Video Marketing - Explainer Video

In the past years video marketing opened numerous new opportunities for business wishing to rapidly grow, with limited budgets for adverting and video production.

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These days a single promo video can lead a campaign targeting both awareness and lead generation in one single production.

A good promo video, B2B or B2C can become viral and reach new customers, day and night, around the world, bringing free of cost SEO viewers and potential business.

Video Marketing – Explainer Video

Both Facebook and YouTube offer variety of options for lead generation ads, and for mass views per focused audiences.

For the price of a few cents per view you can make a change for your company, create a brand of a short period of time, and meet your business goals as planned.

All you need to do, is to create an awesome promo video, making sure all the right ingredients are there, and start distributing the video.

Video SEO Traffic

YouTube can be a huge growth engine for your business. Just make sure that when uploading a video for your video marketing campaign, you set an interesting title, adding the right keywords, adding your link to the landing page to the description area, with as much text as you can…YouTube seems to like long and detailed descriptions.

The Video will also appear in many google pages, and will help you get into the first page in some cases with just that video.

Remarketing on AdWords Campaign

Your video will also do a great job in remarketing for viewers that reached your website organically, or by and paid ad. Your potential customer will keep seeing your video everywhere he goes once visited your site.

Pay-Per-View Video Marketing

Both YouTube and Facebook enable advanced options to manage your campaign, get the right audience at the right price.

The results of the campaign could be a game changer for the customers in many cases. Great exposure and low video production cost, and view or lead cost





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