10 Best Product Videos – Newest Videos by Style and by Price

Best Product Videos

Welcome to Video Guru – We are pleased to present 10 newest product videos in a variety of styles, and price levels

We have produced over 1,000 product videos and images in a wide variety of styles, to leading clients around the world and in Israel. We offer videos production in a structured and accurate process, cracking a perfect brief in a modern and unique design.

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We believe in transparency from A-Z, we publish video pricing on our website, video packages where everything included.

Here are 10 stunning product videos by style.

3D Product Videos

The more upscale option that allows for real differentiation and uniqueness versus the standard 2D video style is 3D animation. In this article, we will focus on this option—producing high-quality 3D videos.

Explainer Video Pricing

A sample 3D product video for Envomed that offers cutting-edge medical waste disposal technology from hospitals and clinics. The video combines visuals, 3D characters and clean, high-quality animation to convey green messages.


Product video for Paladex, an infrastructure company that provides smart drainage solutions for flood protection, and water routing to underground plumbing.


A 3D product video for MibaStar that manufactures green and modern solutions, industrial and home food packaging solutions. The video combines 3D characters, along with visualization of the production floor and food packaging.


Another 3D product video for MibaStar that manufactures green and modern solutions and videos food packaging solutions. The video combines 3D characters, along with simulating a production floor and food packaging.


Product video for office and home modular furniture manufacturing company. The video simply describes the product, and its parts in a gentle and pleasant animation.


2D Product Videos

Our most popular style is 2D animation. We offer a range of 2D styles including Motion Graphics which offers modern graphics and dynamic, high-quality animation, or character animation, which offers greater engagement with unique characters, expressions, and emotions, while connecting to the viewer and video message through sympathy for the characters.

Explainer Video Pricing

A great sample for 2D animated product video, which combines a product illustration with various product applications. The telecommunications product offers modern wireless communication solutions.


Another product video from the field of communication for a smart corporate telephony switchboard. The video combines an illustration of the product with various applications, and a pleasant and compelling review of benefits.


Stock Footage Videos With Infographics

Another particularly popular style is our infographic video style. We offer a real revolution in the production of explainer videos. There is no need for grandiose productions that require many teams and complex logistics to producing explainer videos. We offer digital explainer videos created from quality stock footage in a huge variety of fields, and we add a layer of quality and dynamic infographics to personalize the video.

Explainer Video Pricing

A great example of a product video for Triple T – for a spatial communications system designed for security organizations, and distributed organizations that require emergency field communications. (Hebrew)


Promotional video for Fibernet products Global player in the field of communications, security and enterprise infrastructure solutions. The video combines a 100% custom made drawings of the company’s products.


A product video for a start-up company that markets building management solutions, communications building maintenance and security in an asset management system. The video combines footage from stocks with explanations in a 100% custom made animated layer for the video.


Among our clients are many high-tech companies, medical companies, start-ups and applications, government offices, council municipalities, non-profit organizations and commercial companies from all sectors of the economy. Motorola, Amdocs, Teva, Abbvie and many others.

We are a team of  former high-tech executives who retired for establishing a video production company that first and foremost offers in-depth business understanding, analysing the client’s marketing environment, and providing a smart response to any business and marketing challenge.

Our explainer Videos offer a unique mix of smart solutions for business needs combined with a stunning, modern and differentiated design that helps the company to move forward, increase business activity with a winning product video.

Why Make Product Videos With Us?

With over 1,000 videos for leading customers, we offer the best cost vs. quality 3D and 2D.

With a permanent team of 25 professionals, screenwriters, designers and animators, we offer a variety of all-inclusive video packages, at competitive prices, fast video production time, and uncompromising quality. We go down to the smallest details of each video to offer the perfect video to the client brief.

  • Lots of good reasons to make a product video with us
  • Great value with a variety of styles to choose from 1,000+ of examples from almost every field
  • Professionalism, extensive experience in client brief conversion to a clear, focused and effective video
  • Marketing thinking for real results, greater conversion, better visibility
  • Full transparency policy from price list available on site, through accurate customer sharing practices
  • A large and experienced team enables videos video production while meeting customer objectives

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