Animated Training Videos

Animated training videos

Animated training videos

Video Guru specializes in creating Animated Training Videos for organizations and companies around the world.

Animated Video Pricing

Among our clients for training videos are tier 1 customers such as airlines, technology companies, medical and healthcare and more.
We offer Animated Training Videos in a variety of animation styles, sometimes with a mix of footage from the footage stock stores, and create very clear, pleasant to view videos that allow maximum flexibility in accordance with the messages and visuals for the production of the videos.

Animated training videos for employees

In many cases organizations and companies create a training channel for employees only to deliver accurate messages and enable employees to enjoy video quality messages tailored to each topic.

Organizations with decentralized branches, or a large number of employees, organizations with sensitive messages, and organizations that requires special attention in the annotation of training materials.

Animated training videos for customers

In many cases, organizations and companies seek to assist the target audience, and replace web pages full of texts with graceful videos that offer a unique experience of viewing and learning the organization’s tracks.

Animated Training videos customer and clients are required in cases where complex information need to be delivered or sharing information on the subject is required to properly and safely operate the product or service.

Those videos offer another important value, image or perception value. A training and safety video will present the organization’s look and feel, vision and perception, as well as its dissemination, as a reinforcement of the importance of communication between the organization and the clientele.

Training videos for websites, software and applications

Complex Web sites, comprehensive software or complex applications, in many cases require visual explanation for simplicity of use and user experience.

Training videos are great for both private and organizational missions, but also for sharing with partners, franchisees and suppliers. Animated Training and safety Videos
Companies that offer products and services that require safety clarification, a video is the best way to visualize, and get viewers’ attention to safety practices.

Possible styles for training videos

3D training videos – maximum flexibility in video design, highest animation level, and the ability to present training topics in a realistic and reliable way.

2D animation training videos are offered at competitive prices, the ability to create video at fast production time and maximum flexibility.

Whiteboard-style Animation training videos are highly suited to any field and organization, and a wide range of applications can be created in a wide range of styles for a wide range of explanatory and instructional tasks.

Training videos from footage with animation layer. We offer a huge pool of footage, purchased from footage stocks and create instructional videos with international aroma, at a superb and uniform level of drawing, giving the viewer a sense of an international company, experienced and courageous.

Working together, we will turn your most complex product or service, and turn it into a modern, technological and clear training video.

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