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Are you interested in making a promotional video for your company or application? Then Video Guru is probably the answer to your needs. Promotional videos are a great way to get the message of your business or product out into the world.

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In this day and age people rarely have the time or attention span to read product descriptions, however, watching a video about the same topic is entirely different. Videos produced by Video Guru are innovative, detailed and bound to capture the interest of your target market.

The talented people at Video Guru have made thousands of videos over the years for different companies and industries, these videos capture different styles and different ideas which are perfect for accomplishing the goal of your marketing strategy.

Paladex Video for 2018 Conferences

The need of videos in conferences and exhibitions has become a lot more pronounced than it was before. Videos about your topic explain the idea thoroughly and with more precision, thus, reduce the need for long complicated speeches.

Video Guru offers great ideas for different types of Conference and Exhibition Videos, these videos will have versatile styles that are needed for capturing the marketing goal of the video and giving it the best exposure possible.

Announcement Videos

If you have a business event, exhibition, conference, or a meeting coming up and you need to get the word out, a video is a great way to do so. This video will include a call to sign up, will introduce the theme of your event and the details about your company and contact information.

These videos can be produced in a number of ways including:

  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • White Board Graphics
  • Live Shot Videos
  • Cartoon Animation

These videos will be short and concise, almost about one minute, which is enough time to explain your message. You can post these videos on social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. They can also be used as ads on TV stations and on websites on the internet. Plus, you can upload it on to your company’s website so that all visitors can know about your event.

Conference and Exhibition Videos

When you use Video Guru for your conference or exhibition then we’ll make sure that your message is properly put across.

Our services include:

  • The video will be screened on the booth that you have in the exhibition, targeting the visitors and people who are walking by. The video will be sure to get their attention towards your booth, increasing number of visitors.
  • The video will be without sound, as videos with sound may disrupt the environment.
  • The video will have large titles that can be seen from away and attract the visitors.
  • It will have a dynamic and intriguing visual aesthetic.
  • A voice over can be included in the video if you want to promote it on social media platforms or elsewhere
  • Can be up to 2-3 minutes long
  • Can be played over in loops over a long period of time

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Come to us when you have your next event and we’ll make sure it will be an unforgettable one!

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