Promo Videos For Hi-Tech Companies

Video Guru specializes in creating promo and explainer videos for a high-tech companies and technology companies. Over the years we have produced hundreds of Videos for high-tech companies in various fields.

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We were exposed to products in the cyberspace, the Internet, applications, software products and hardware, and much more.


With accumulated experience in almost every hi-tech market we understand the language, we talk the talk, and perfectly understand how to translate your brief into a clear message engaging promo video.


We offer a unique video style based on a huge pool of clips and footage, purchased from stock video websites. The outcome is awesome.

Our promo videos offer an international aroma, at a superb and level of video photography, giving the viewer a sense of an international experienced corporate.


The creative team, together with an animator team, will add to the videos an animated and supportive motion graphics layer that makes the explanation clearer, more dynamic and more convincing.



We also offer technical illustrations of products at different levels, in Motion Graphics and 3D animation in a variety of styles based on the most modern technologies.
Working together, we will turn your marketing brief into a captivating and UpToDate video with a that will help you introduce and increase awareness of the product.

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