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In today’s digital age, it’s hard for businesses to stand out and connect with its customers. We understand that. Which is why we are dedicated to helping businesses, like yours, get their message across – simply, uniquely and successfully. 


With a team of 25 in-house artists , we offer a range of video types at a variety of prices – one to fit every budget.


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Our Latest 3D Explainer Videos

Video Guru is a team of highly experienced professional script writers, designers, animators, voice-over artists and project managers. We strive for excellence and won’t stop until we’ve delivered an effective, engaging Explainer Video for your business. we would love to talk, listen and understand the needs of your company, to create a stunning, memorable and compelling 3D Animation. On brief. On time. On budget.

Awesome 3D Animation & Visualization

We offer 3D visualizations for products at every stage, services, brands, and ideas. We can incorporate product drawings from CAD software or create a whole new concept according to the client’s marketing brief. We can create full-length explainer videos or partial footage to and integrate into the client’s website, social networks, landing pages, and anywhere in the client’s marketing infrastructure.

The more upscale option that allows for real differentiation and uniqueness versus the standard 2D video style is 3D animation.

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Multiple Styles in 2D Animation

Our most popular style is 2D animation. We offer a range of 2D styles including Motion Graphics, which offers modern graphics and dynamic, high-quality animation, or character animation, which offers greater engagement with unique characters, expressions, and emotions, while connecting to the viewer and video message through sympathy for the characters.

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A Unique Whiteboard Animation Style

An excellent option for large businesses and organizations, as well as small businesses, is explainer videos using whiteboard animation. Most of the videos are in black and white, but some have additional colors.

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More Info-graphics Videos 


“Video Guru has created a wonderful explainer video. They are fast, professional and provides a great value for a very competitive price! We are happy with the results and recommend them to any company wishing to create explainer videos."  

Joy E. Schoffler, Chief Strategy Officer, Casoro Capital, USA


“Video Guru helped us put things together and make our very first explainer video into a successful and great looking piece, all while showing patience and professionalism throughout the project and the fine-tuning phases. We highly recommend Video Guru and will surely reach out to them again for our next series of specialized videos.”  

Limor S. Kessem, Director of Marketing, ThetaRa, USA


“Video Guru has created an excellent video for Skyline Communities in a short period of time. Its message is clear and to the point so it should resonate well with its intended audience. We highly recommend Video Guru, and we plan to create additional videos with them in the future. ”

Gil Blutrich, President, Skyline International, Canada


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