The Price of Motion Graphics

When it comes to Explainer videos, especially animated ones, Video Guru is the best bet for you. Having developed and designed videos for some of the most prominent companies around, Video Guru is an animation house that ensures that your ideas see the light of day the way you want them to.

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With 25 in-house animators and designers, Video Guru offers you the very best when it comes to animated Explainer videos of any type. We have worked on over a 1000 thousand different projects and utilized our expertise to make every single one of them a success.

One kind of animated video that Video Guru often is contracted for involves motion graphics. Being digital animation that utilizes visual techniques to give the effect of an illusion, motion graphics are perfect for informative and training videos. And that is just what Video Guru can help you with.

Video Guru brings you a wide number of animated videos at a number of different prices. Furthermore, we also bring you the chance to select between both 2D and 3D videos. Our packages come in a number of shapes and sizes and we ensure that the one you get stays on budget and is as light on your wallet as possible.

The packages you choose and the things you want in your video g a long way in determining the price for a single motion graphics explainer video. The options you can choose from are as follows:

The Motion Graphics Video Package

The classic choice when it comes to motion graphics videos, this package brings you everything you need and allows you to do some experimentation along the way. It’s filled to the brim with fantastic animation and brings you the very best when it comes to visual aesthetic along with a unique way to convey the information you want in your video.

A classic motion graphics video is often in 3D and requires a lot of work and a fair amount of resources to make it work. 3D animation takes time and funds and this motion graphics video requires a fair abundance of both. Thus, if you’re looking for something that’s light on your wallet, this is not the package you would want to look at.

Motion Graphic Videos with Characters

2D animation has always had its own singular charm. That charm also extends to animated Explainer videos where 2D animated characters bring life and meaning to every single video they are a part of. A 2D animated motion graphics video by Video Guru brings all of that along with a definitive take on the message you want to convey through your video. It’s a total package that brings you everything you need in a way that’s bound to catch attention.

All prices and details listed in our different packages are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned on Video Guru’s website.

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