How We Create Explainer Videos? Explainer Video Production Process

סרטוני וידאו שיווקיים לעסקים


The production process of creating an explainer or marketing video is comprised of 6 stages.

Throughout the process, our customer is fully involved, providing comments and feedback every step of the way. The typical video production process takes approximately 3-5 weeks, depending upon the video type, length and the customer’s availability and responsiveness. In cases where the client requires the video in a short time frame, we’re happy to accelerate the process in order to meet your deadlines.

Here are 6 steps for making an effective explainer video:

1. The Brief

The brief is a document that’s completed by the customer to help us understand your goals and objectives for the video. We provide our clients with a Word template where the customer can provide us with information on the company, product and services, competitive advantages, a competition overview, important words or phrase that should be mentioned in the video, the required look and feel, along with any special comments that the customer would like to include. Download Brief Template 

2. The Script

Once we receive the brief and gain an understanding of the client’s goals for the video, we will write a script. Then, the script is provided to the customer for review and feedback, followed by any necessary revisions that are required for finalization. The typical script for a 60 second video will be approximately 140 words in length, whereas a 90 second video script averages about 210 words in length. 6 tips for writing a script and making a great video. 


 3. Voice over

Once script is approved, we will record the voice over in a professional studio. Clients can choose between several different  professional male and female voice-over artists.  Our expert voice over artists have years of training and we’re happy to provide them with specific guidelines for your script. Once the voice over is recorded, we’ll ask for the customer’s comments or approval on the audio. Here are a few sample voices of our voice-over actors.  


4. Background Music

We’re happy to provide our clients with background music for your video, selected from our vast music repository. We will ensure that the music complements the voice over, visuals and overall feel and flow of your video. We can also accept client submissions for the background music track. Few samples of background music. 


5. The Storyboard

Once the voice over is complete, we must craft a storyboard that details the visual that will be occurring in each frame, in two stages. Sketch storyboard and final drawings storyboard. Once complete, the completed storyboard will be presented to the client for review and comments prior to proceeding with the video production process.



6. Editing

The last stage entails assembling and editing the video components in a professional studio. We utilize video editing programs such as After Effect and Premier. Once the preliminary version is complete, the video will be sent to the client for review.



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