Our production process spans over 6 stages

Stage 1: Give us a Brief

The first step is to decide the strategy, content and purpose of the explainer video. You should address the nature of the business, the products/services and things you feel have to be included in the video. Once you have complied a document containing all the information and objectives you wish to achieve is when we can start our creative process. Welcome to download our brief template

Stage 2: We create a Script

After we have all the necessary information, we create the script of the animated explainer video. The tone and style can depend on how formal or informal you want it to be. Once we have written it, you can give us feedback. If need be, alteration can be made as well.

Stage 3: Create your Storyboard

Once the script is ready to go, all that is left for our designers is to create the storyboard. From the rough sketch to the final colored draft, the process can be exciting. It is a visual representation of the story you are aiming to tell, just frame by frame.

Stage 4: Record a Voice Over

Once you have decided and finalized the script, the next step is the recording of the voice over. We offer endless options for male and female professional voice over artist with sate of the art studios.

Stage 5: Chose the Music

After the basics are done, we get to decide the background jingle or music. You can choose to find it yourselves or we can give you suggestions that are in sync with the style of the animation and content.

Stage 6: Finishing Editing

The last stage in the process is the animation and editing. It is the complaining of all the preparations that have been made before; the voice over, the music and the visuals. After this is done, your animated explainer video is ready for the world.

Let us embark upon this journey for you, let us create the perfect animated explainer video for your business. Hers are few good reasons:

1. Our Experience

Whatever your industry, we’ve probably worked in it – that is, or have the tools to challenge it. Having created hundreds of Explainer Videos for customers worldwide, no business sector is out of our reach.

2. Our Business Acumen

We understand business. We know what you want to achieve. Ultimately -more traffic to your website, and more leads converting into sales.

3. Our Dream Team

We select only the best script writers, designers, animators, voiceover artists and project managers to work on your Explainer Videos – and they deliver each and every time.

4. Our Proof

We offer a great return on investment.  Which is why we’re fortunate to have multiple repeat business and referrals from our valued customers.

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