An example of an animated explainer video for a start-up company

Producing a motion graphics video

Instant Lab A Silicon Valley start-up that offers cloud information management solutions to all divisions of the company using artificial intelligence engines and the world’s most advanced management system.

The demand was to produce a 90-second fast, clear, creative, Motion Graphics-style video to present the company to potential investors, along with a show for partners and customers.

The result is a crystallized and creative video, pleasant to watch and complete customer satisfaction. View Pricing   Motion Graphics Videos    2D Videos

Watch the Instant Lab video

A few words about animation in the Motion Graphics style

Motion Graphics is an animation style that combines movement, colors and elements into a pleasant, modern video for viewing. The colors of the video can be adapted to the brand look and feel, and the general spirit of the video at the sight of the customer’s marketing suit.

In most cases, we also incorporate basic characters, which serve as elements rather than characters that offer themselves as a central part of the script.

In many cases, we incorporate client screens, graphs, data, tables, and infographic information that are graphically displayed as part of the video.

Motion Graphics offers a modern, dynamic, fast and intelligent look that is suitable for a wide range of customers and industries. Hi-tech and biotech companies, financial companies, infrastructure, education and whatnot – all using Motion Graphics Graphics content.

Motion Graphics animation is suitable for 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. In most cases, customers ask us 90-second videos.

The production time of Motion Graphics animated explainer video is about 2-3 weeks and can be accelerated in urgent cases.

Adding characters to animated explainer video

If you would like to incorporate characters into the video, and to allow them to lead, present and provide the appropriate atmosphere for the transmission of the messages, we will be happy to offer countless alternatives to create precise characters that fit the nature of the video and the script.

Watch some examples of animated characters. You can ask us to rely on one of the characters to create your own character, or if you want to offer options that are especially similar to you, according to your exact definitions.

Given the interest and the need to illustrate any particular figure, a role in the organization, or a familiar figure and will be happy to illustrate it for you with our special check.

The price of producing a animated explainer video in Motion Graphics style

Prices for animated explainer video production varies according to the quality of the video, of course, and moves around thousands of shekels for a short video.

We offer a fixed price for the production of an animation video in Motion Graphics and publish it on the site as part of a promotional and animation film.

Our prices include everything, including writing a screenplay, designing and building a storyboard, recording professional narration, background music from a huge selection, spectacular animation and professional editing. See the price of animated explainer video in Graphics style See how we produce an animated video – all stages.

Video Guru – producing animated explainer videos

Video Guru is a quality studio for animated explainer video for companies and organizations around the world. With a permanent team of 25 professionals, we focus on creating value for the customer through excellent quality animated explainer video videos, at very competitive prices.

Excellent value, excellent price with a variety of styles to choose from and hundreds of examples from almost any field.

Professionalism, extensive experience in translating a customer’s profile into a clear, focused and efficient video.

Marketing thinking and focus to achieve real results – greater conversion, better exposure.

Full transparency policy starting from the available price on the site, through precise client-side practices.

A large and experienced team enables the production of films quickly while meeting the client’s goals. Over 1,000 movies for leading customers

Contact us today and we will be happy to produce a perfect video or tutorial for you, in spectacular animation, and with great benefit.

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