Announce Your Wedding in the Best of Ways; With an Animated Video

Weddings are always a huge occasion. Not only are they the culmination of two people’s love for each other, but they are also an occasion for two families to join together. Weddings are a great source of excitement and it’s the kind of excitement you want to share with people. Telling other people about your marriage is a common thing to do. However, doing so over the phone is kind of boring and too common. You need to do that in a more creative way. An animated wedding video will help you do just that.

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Animated videos have recently become more popular in many different businesses. They hook people and make an impression immediately. You might have noticed a rise of animated videos on social media of late. They are being used by many different businesses in order to relay information to customers. The reason for that is the uniqueness of animated videos. Animated videos catch the eye and get the full attention of people, making them a great way of sending information.

Animated Videos for Weddings

Animated videos are a great way to make the start of your wedding period unique and memorable. It’s the perfect way to encapsulate your excitement and let others know about it. If you’re wondering how to have this animated video made for your wedding, that’s where we come in.

100% Custom Made Animation

We will draw you two as you are with a twist of our comics artists, and will draw and animate your idea into a really never-seen-before wedding invitation.


How We Can Help You

If you want your animated wedding video to express everything you want from it and more, you have chosen the right people for the task. We bring your ideas and your wedding to life using comic style animated videos. We offer you two kinds of animated videos to choose from:

  1. A Wedding Invitation of 30 seconds

The wedding invitations contains the story you want us to move forward with and tell others through the video. It can contain information about how you met or any other idea, and lets the viewer know that you’re getting married along with the wedding date. The story of the meeting can be anything from a meeting at the park to a tinder date. We use the video to tell your story.

  1. Wedding Animated Story of 2 minutes

In this video, we tell your entire story. We start off with your meeting, when you fell in love, and the proposal as well. Following that will be plans for the honeymoon and pretty much anything you want to include in it. We relay what you mean to say.

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Animated wedding videos are great way to let people know about your wedding date, serve as a reminder, and let people know how you got to where you are right now. The process for getting it made is simple. Just let us know which video you want, what you want to include in it, some script ideas, and let us handle the rest. We ensure that your animated wedding video is what you want and what your wedding needs.

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