Stock Footage Videos – from $790

All over the world, businesses invest large sums of money into the shooting, editing and creation of a live action or animated explainer video. While that can seem like the best thing to do, the exact same effect can be achieved in less money through the use of stock footage in explainer videos.

Video Description  

  • Everything Included 
  • Stock footage included
  • 30 Seconds video duration.
  • 100% custom-made – Completely original animation
  • All storyboard revisions
  • Original Script writing with client provided brief
  • 1,000s of voice, music, and sound effects
  • 3 weeks delivery

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All Plans Include

  • Video ownership
  • Around-the-clock project management
  • 1,000+ videos around the world
  • 25 member in-house team of artists
  • No hidden fees, no surprises

Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our video. But in the off chance you don’t, we offer a money back guarantee. This guarantee is staggered and offered for every stage of the creative process. For example, if you approved the script, but not the rest of the creative process, you pay only for the script and we refund you the rest of your money – no questions asked.

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