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Hi, We are proud to present our best collections of our top explainer videos.

But first let us introduce ourselves in a few words. Video Guru was founded in 2014 with the aim of offering a wide range of high-quality Explainer videos at competitive prices.

Our prices are fixed and advertised on our website, with multiple packages in a variety of styles and price levels. We offer a professional video production process that ensures meeting the needs of the customer and the video brief.

We have created more than 1,000 videos for leading Israeli and international clients. Among other things, we carried out a large number of projects for the US government, the UN, leading medical companies such as TEVA,  ABBVIE and JANSSEN.

In the field of high-tech, we worked with Amdocs, Motorola and hundreds of small and mid size companies and organizations. A large number of videos for start-ups, applications, technology, cyber and more.

We have collected our best videos this year into awesome Show-Reels, one for each style.

The best Character Animation Show-reel

We specialize in designing animated characters in an endless variety of styles.

We will happily illustrate a set of characters in any style you choose, including your own ideas and design. Watch our Character Show Reel – a collection of work based on 3D and 2D characters.

The best 3d Animation Show-reel

The collection of a large number of 3D animation for projects around the world. In most cases we do the project from beginning to end, whilst in other cases customers order 3d animation to do special missions where liver action is not a question for budget or logistics challenges.

The best 2d Animation Show-reel

Our most popular style is 2D animation. Infinite flexibility for customer style and colours, wonderful for storytelling, excellent for dynamic infographics, colourful characters in any style, all at a competitive price, and ultra fast production time.


The best Whiteboard Animation Show-reel

The classics of the world of explainer videos and training. Simple, direct, message centric, black and white, shades of gray or with touches of colours. A taste of the past, with eyes to the future. Watch our unique style whiteboard videos.



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