Video Guru: Stunning Examples of 3D Visualizations, Our Best Prices, and Our Production Time


Welcome to Video Guru, a 3D animation boutique specializing in 3D visualization production.

With a portfolio of more than 1,000 animation videos for leading clients in Israel and around the world, we offer the best cost versus quality for 3D visuals and movies for businesses. We offer full transparency, from the fixed prices of video packages advertised on our website to a structured and uniform video creation process that offers continuous communication with the client.

We have a permanent in-house team of 25 professionals, including scriptwriters, designers, and animators, allowing us to offer a variety of all-inclusive video packages at competitive prices with fast production times and uncompromising quality. We drill down to the smallest details of each video to create the perfect video for the client.

3D Animation Latest Work       Explainer Video Pricing 

Infinite Design Flexibility to Meet Customer Requirements

We offer 3D visualizations for products at every stage, services, brands, and ideas. We can incorporate product drawings from CAD software or create a whole new concept according to the client’s marketing brief.

We can create full-length explainer videos or partial footage to and integrate into the client’s website, social networks, landing pages, and anywhere in the client’s marketing infrastructure.


Competitive Prices for 3D Visualizations

We will offer 3D visualizations for every mission and every industry in full cooperation with the client and based on the marketing brief. We have created 3D visualizations for every market, including health care, tech, and start-ups.

3D Animation Latest Work       Explainer Video Pricing 

We offer several options for 3D visuals and films:

3D Product Videos

We are skilled in 3D visualizations for scenarios, cases, and applications in the product’s target environment. We love to create the perfect environment in which to display products and services at every stage.


3D Visualization Production of Products, Backgrounds and Elements

We create 3D visualizations for each area with full flexibility and the desired look in the right environment. We will fulfill all your plans and every business idea with the help of our talented staff and advanced technology.


3D Character Animation Videos

: We offer true quality and are uncompromising in all production processes for a perfect, creative, and high-quality character animation.


Fast 3D Visualization Production

Looking for high quality and a quick turnaround? With our large team and structured work processes, we can offer fast production speed for visualizations and 3D videos. Tell us what your deadline is, and we will do our best to meet it.

For 2D animation videos, we generally offer a two- to three-week turnaround, while 3D visualizations usually take about six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of production.

A Quality 3D Studio For Every Task

We would love to discuss and understand your requirements and offer quality video solutions tailored to your mission. We also offer a variety of 2D animation styles (check out our Price List for more information).

There are lots of good reasons to create an animated video with us:

  • We offer great value with a variety of styles to choose from and over 1,000 examples from almost every vertical market.
  • We are professional and have extensive experience in turning client briefs into clear, focused, and engaging videos.
  • We aim for real results: more conversions, more views, and more shares.
  • We are fully transparent, from our price list available on our website to our accurate animation production processes.
  • We have a large and experienced team, allow us to produce videos quickly e while meeting customer objectives.

Contact us today, we will be happy to produce 3D Visualization for you

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