Why Hand-Drawn Animation is the Perfect Marketing Tool for Your Business

The world of animation is boundless, with creativity drenched in each and every part and opportunities endless. Hand-drawn animation has long held a place in many people’s hearts, with memories of animated movies from their youth still weighing on their minds. This attraction among the public towards hand-drawn animation is what makes it a perfect tool for advertising.

Explainer Video Price List   Whiteboard Animation portfolio

You might be seeing a lot of hand-drawn whiteboard animation videos as ads on multiple social media platforms. It’s not just small companies or businesses taking part in this trend. In fact, major corporations are also quickly moving towards hand-drawn animated videos as a source of advertising. And it does not seem like a passing fad. It’s a trend that’s predicted to become more relevant and grow with time.

It’s safe to say that any business looking to engage people towards its products or services, or looking to make an instant impression with the public, needs to test out hand-drawn animated videos as a marketing outlet. Let’s look at why.

Why Your Business Should Go For Hand-Drawn Animated Videos

Among the many reasons that should compel you towards using hand-drawn animated videos to advertise your business, some of the most important ones are

It’s Attractive

As mentioned, hand-drawn animation is loved by many people from all over the world. More than just nostalgia, it’s an attractive medium that allows you to experiment with colors, visual styles, and narration styles. Animation is considered to have no limitations and that’s exactly what you can explore and make the most of in your advertisements.

Explores Many Genres

Animation can touch on a wide variety of genres. There’s no limit to what you can explore with it. You can make quirky videos, funny videos, satirical ones, or even dark ones, without making it look corny or weird. Hand-drawn animation allows you experiment as much with story and genre as it does with visual styles, allowing you to make a different kinds of advertisements with ease.

A Highly Creative Approach

Animation can look like anything from your imagination. Unlike live-action, there’s not limit to what you can display on people’s screens. This creativity allows you to take a number of different approaches and create things that are not just different but also attractive and interesting to watch. The possibilities for exploration are boundless and all depends on where your business wants to take its hand-drawn advertisement videos.

Quick and Cheap

Explainer Video Price List   Whiteboard Animation portfolio

Hand-drawn animated advertisement videos are designed, produced, and finished quite quickly. The entire process takes around 1-2 weeks and at the end you’ll have a video that’s both creative and fun to watch. Moreover, it’s a very cheap process. Hand-drawn animation is far cheaper than live-action advertisements while having a greater effect on average.

Hand-drawn animated videos are the best solution for advertisement in the modern era and is something that you can use to attract customers from all over the world. How well you do it depends on just how creative you are with the medium.

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