10 Awesome Business Videos for Hi Tech and Cyber Security


One of the major sectors that’s seeing a lot of attention happens to Hi Tech. Every single day new companies are popping up, as startups or ventures, and revealing some new technology or idea for mass consumption. It’s one of the largest business sectors in the world and also has some of the largest advertising expenditure. When it comes business videos, the Hi Tech industry happens to be the vertical market.

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With so many Hi Tech companies utilizing business videos on a daily basis, let’s look at the way they use them to better understand how they use them. Here are ten awesome business videos for Hi Tech and cyber security companies:

Use Animation to Introduce Your Company

One of the major uses for business videos when it comes to Hi Tech startups is using 2D or 3D animation to craft an introduction to your idea and the company you wish to form. An introduction is necessary to attract customers, and animation holds their attention just long enough to hook them.

Live Footage for Company Story

Best Business Videos Portfolio 

Business Videos Price List  – 12 products categories 

Once a company hits a milestone, they sometimes like to show how far they’ve come; their story in a way. A great way to do that is to record live footage of what goes on in your company now, along with interviews of people who have been there from the start.

Animation for Product Details

Introduce a new product to your clients or investors with the use of animation. Not only is it catchy, but if done well it can also be memorable.

Motion Graphics for an Immersive Experience

When it comes to new products and services, you want to make an impression immediately and keep it. Motion graphics are something that can arrest the viewer’s eyes and keep it in place for some time.

Training through Live Shots

Training videos need to be comprehensive and personal. Both can be achieved through live shots in order to pass the message in detail while providing demonstrations.

Use Motion Graphics for Your Vision

The vision of a company must appeal to both the mind and the eyes when it comes to marketing through videos. Motion graphics are your friend in this case.

Animate Your Roadmap

A company’s roadmap is their plan for success and their plan for their customers. To make your plan memorable, the use of cartoon animation is a pretty good idea.

Announce News and Events with Footage

Your announcements to your clients need to feel personal. Being personal is something you can do with live footage. It’ll be you communicating with your clients and feel that way.

Make Future Plans Look Brighter with Motion Graphics

When announcing what you’ve planned for the future, you need to make people excited for what you’re offering. Motion graphics are something you can use to catch their eye, and couple with good content it’s bound to leave a strong impression.

Best Business Videos Portfolio 

Business Videos Price List  – 12 products categories 

Animate Your Ideas

Spend a little more on animation and get unique and quirky ways to express your ideas. When done right, animation has no limits.

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