10 Awesome Motion Graphics Videos for Hi-Tech

Video Guru specializes in motion graphics video production for multiple industries and for customers around the world.

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We have produced over a 1,000 motion graphics videos in different styles, and different concepts that are characterized with high engagement and Hight conversation ratio.

We are producing motion graphics videos that work! With a team of 25 in house animators, multiple video packages at fixed prices. Our pricing is published on our website, so you can know in advance what the level of video that you will receive.

We have picked 10 Awesome Motion Graphics Video Examples from our most active Hi-tech market segments.

Motion Graphics Video for Hi-Tech – The Need to look global, to feel international, to be perusing, modern, focused.


Motion Graphics Video for Start-ups – The need will mostly be around being different, creative, promising

Motion Graphics Video for Cyber Security – Stress the threat, outline the risks, and suggest a solution

Motion Graphics Video for Application   – Any CRM, ERP or other corporate B2B solutions

Motion Graphics Video for Software – Explain clearly, with the most modern UX interfaces that reflect right your software.

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Motion Graphics Video for Hardware – Need to illustrate and demonstrate products in perusing manner

Motion Graphics Video for Investors – Convince potential investors in the product and business case

Motion Graphics Video for Crowd Funding – Convince the crowd to participate and share risks and hopes with you

Motion Graphics Video for Block-chain – Demonstrate the endless ability that block chain can offer

Motion Graphics Video for Telecom – Explain vision and ability of the telecom networks and benefits

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