10 Awesome Super Brands Animation Videos

It’s seems like a global trend. Super brands, multinational companies, and large organizations, which until recently have used conservative language, are creating animated video explainers alongside their traditional and online advertising.

Companies like Ford, the automaker giant, which, in the past, consistently approached their audiences with realistic language and visuals, are turning to animation when they need to communicate “we are changing” or wish to say, “’we are creative.”

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Ford has recently launched a series of absolutely awesome animated videos presenting themselves in a totally different way than they have until today.

Ford and many other companies understand that 2D animation videos can serve several different tasks in one single campaign. A creative animation explainer video can help you deliver complex yet clear messages, establish a new corporate image, and in many cases take your product away from reality to totally different worlds.

Animated explainer videos are great for training and educational missions. It’s no wonder that most airlines around the world are using animation for their inflight safety videos, as well as for their marketing campaigns.

Above all, animated videos provide a great deal of savings compared to traditional video production and enable you to visualize any script and receive it a couple of weeks later, animated as you wish.

Here are 10 awesome videos from around the world that making you want to create your own…

Ford – Father’s Day

Ford Fathers Day – Princess from susan mersch parlangeli on Vimeo.

Ford Fathers Day – Corsage from susan mersch parlangeli on Vimeo.

Clinique – Start Better

Paris (Well, not a super brand but a beautiful animation)


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