10 Best Animated Promotional Videos

Best Animated Promotional Videos

After three years of intensive work around the clock, while creating hundreds of movies and videos for leading clients around the world, we wanted to put together our top ten animated promo videos in one list. We chose only animated videos with impact that got the viewers excited, and got them engaged.

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Here is our list of the 10 best promotional videos:

A unique piece of art with unique graphics and animation for Adnimation. The video main mission was to explain in 60 seconds the company’s business proposition for potential partners and customer.

Covercy video – a new comer to the financial arena. The promo video is presented at financial conferences, exhibitions, and of course, on the company’s website and social media.

FTS has reached the final stage in an international animation film competition for start-ups and high-tech companies, and won a prestigious place in the final list of winners. The style is comics, and the animation of the video is Motion Graphics.

A Magic Software video, for software and application market, which has accumulated tens of thousands of views on the web and loads of favourable responses. The video is a motion graphics video, and the video served as a reference for many other videos that wanted to create a similar look.

A whiteboard animation video created for the Israeli Airport Authority, which was used at the opening of a major presentation at the worldwide airport security managers Conference. The video is presented today at every opportunity, at any conference or activity that the Israel Airports Authority conduct.

Another whiteboard video for aviation industry, The video is intended to be a marketing video to be presented to travel agents around the world in order to encourage them to send tourism to Eilat and tourist sites in Jordan and Egypt.

Animated Motion Graphics video is ​​ for ITS to introduce a banking application, one of the company’s growth engines. This marketing video for the financial sector turned out to be effective for the company and received favorable responses and extremely high conversion rates.

An animated promo video produced by U-Control, which was produced in order to present an infrastructure project in the field of telecom and wireless. The video was used by the company to present the business plan and the goals of the project and helped the customer win the prestigious tender.

A special and unique marketing video for the real estate industry, and a company that deals with moving of apartments on the West Coast in the US, and offers a unique model for customers. We’ve been asked to create a video that focus their business model.

An awesome whiteboard animation video created to introduce NEWS, which offers training and management systems for the largest organizations in the world. This three-minute video takes the viewer a few hundred years back, and creatively presents the company’s vision.

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