10 Best Stock Video Sites for Explainer Video Production

Stock Video Production

Stock footage is extra footage, deemed wasteful by businesses, from a marketing campaign. It is often uploaded onto websites that make this footage available for others to use. Some offer a royalty free service while others may charge you a lump sum amount.

Stock Video Production

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Our experts work with stock footage on a daily basis and thus know the ins and outs of the work involved in tailoring them to your business’ marketing campaign. Over the years, we have specialized in the creation of effective, persuasive and captivating explainer videos lasting 60 seconds or more. If you feel like you need to find some stock footage for your campaign before you embark upon the journey of production, here are a few of the most popular websites for finding stock for explainer video production:

If you’re looking for a quick way to create an explainer video and gather stock for promotional video production then 123RF is your go to website. It has a simple search method that gives you groups of clips suited to your needs.

Adobe stock is a website that is very user friendly and interactive. It is also the website you go to for stock footage that is just as affordable as it is economical. Their algorithm is such that they help you find the right footage that satisfies all your requirements and demands.

BBC motion gallery is a website that contains the works from many BBC broadcasters around the world. As such, not only is there an ample amount of footage waiting to be used, but you can also expect HD quality prints to come your way.

At Dissolve, you can find stock footage that has been recorded with good quality equipment thus resulting in good quality footage as well. You can even find 1080p resolution clips that will make your explainer video look more professional.

iStock has one of the most wide range of stock footage available for customers at reduced prices. They even offer flexibility in payment methods; you can choose to but a set or each clip individually.

It is considered to be very easy to access and provides royalty free stock footage. Additionally, another factor that makes it so unique is that it sells footage that has been inspired by Asian countries.

Pond5 is website you should go to if you are looking for great quality royalty free stock footage. Their interface is such that if you need to visit again, you can even sort clips our in bookmarks and create groups.

Shutterstock is the place to go if you are looking for a specific number, or even one, of stock for promotional video production. The best thing about Shutterstock is the degree of quality it provides its prospective customers with.

Video Block is a website that sells stock footage through a subscription model instead of selling it on the basis of a number of clips. This is what makes it so unique; people who need to have a steady and increased access to stock footage will benefit greatly since it’s a small amount of money for maximum utility.

VideoHive is a website that offers royalty free, affordable, stock footage to its customers. Thus, this is the place to go to if your experience with stock footage is just starting out.

Thousands of free stock videos, motion graphics, music tracks and sound effects, all in one place.


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