Explainer videos have become quite popular in recent years because of their effectiveness and tested adequacy in growing a business. Nowadays, Explainer videos can be found in all areas of business; company story, product or service description, trading and tutorial, fundraising, business presentation and so on. If you are making an explainer video for your company or product, taking the following steps will ensure you maximize your return on the video.

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  • Build a story

Create a story, with or without characters, whether you do motion graphics animation or live shot. The reason why a well-narrated story is always memorable is that it builds from event to event. And one event is based on the previous event. The memory of the entire story, thus, starts building from the base (beginning) and keeps building sequentially, until the end.

A good storytelling sample we did for Clarifruit

  • Have a decent script

Make sure the script is clearly describing the video mission, pleasant and nice to read. Make an innovative brief before you start your script to set up objectives, issues, arrangements, and the best possible tone. At that point, you can begin on the genuine words. The script is the base for the video so don’t hesitate to ask for more revisions until you are fully happy. If you want a 90 sec video then you should go for 210-230 words in the script, it should be enough to describe the most product in an interesting and compelling way.

  • The Shorter the Better

The shorter the video, the better. We understand you have a ton you need to enlighten individuals regarding your business; however, this video is intended to be a diagram, the “snare” that gets individuals inspired by making the following stride. People do not pay attention for more than 2 minutes while watching a video, we found that our most popular is the 90 sec video.

A 90 sec sample on Motion Graphics

  • Make sure the video matches the mission

Make sure to adjust the video style to the mission of the video. If you want a video clearly describing the benefits of your product and services, then a whiteboard animation is ideal. However, if you are going for a more dynamic and modern feel to your message, then motion graphics videos is your best bet.

  • Keep the visual simple

When creating the storyboard you would want in most cases 14-15 frames per minute. That will ensure the right rhythm to keep your viewer with you until the end of the video. Keep in mind that if you do 15 frames per minute then each frame will be around 4 seconds on the screen, so decide what is it that you want your viewer to keep from that frame.

  • Concentrate on Benefits and Avoid Features

This is another regular showcasing lesson that applies no matter how you look at it yet is frequently forgotten with regards to an explainer video production. On the off chance that you need to pull in your intended interest group you’ll need to exhibit to them how obtaining your item is going to advantage them – not what the item does. Most clients truly couldn’t care less how an item functions; just what it can accomplish for them.

Its all all about doing it right

  • Select a suitable voiceover

Once you have your script in its final version, you need someone to read the script. Find a professional voiceover for the video so that the speech and the visual portion of the video can be put together. There are lots of options at various prices and quality available for voiceovers. While until not long ago, the male voiceover would be considered with more authority and females when you need a gentle voice, well, not anymore.

  • Spice it up with some Humor

Humor is one appeal that naturally goes well with animation technique. In fact, it is easy to incorporate humor in explainer videos by using word-play techniques or/and rhetorical devices like exaggeration, pun, personification etc. Humor makes your script (voiceover) fun and engaging.

  • Throw in some music

Music is a major factor in the success of an explainer video. It adds life and tone to a video. You can find many low to medium cost explainer video music options on the net and if you can afford it, you could hire a band to compose your own custom-tailored music.

  • Pay attention to the details

When doing editing and animating, pay attention to the details. Make your video rich, interesting and dynamic. Proofread to make sure there are no typographical errors or omissions with the voiceover, the animation and every other aspect of the video.

Accomplishing the above may seem like an impossible task especially if you are new to the concept of explainer videos. This is the reason why it is very important to hire a professional Explainer video production company. You are welcome to keep in touch with us. We do awesome explainer video productions at great prices. Browse through our price list and contact us for your explainer videos.

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