15 Top business uses for business videos

In recent years, the business video has become a real start, helping the companies in various uses. From promotional videos that help businesses create awareness, generate traffic to company sites and pages, and turn that traffic into quality leads.

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Companies, organizations and businesses, large and small, create marketing and sales videos and target them to a wide range of applications, uses and purposes.

The following are 15 popular uses for business videos and marketing videos, explainer videos and promotional video:

  1. Internet advertising – short videos of about 30 seconds can reinforce any marketing campaign and create a high conversion rate from effective video ads.
  2. Corporate videos – Most of the corporate videos are intended primarily for the home page of the company’s website. These videos help a potential visitor to the site understand what the business has to offer, in a short, clear and pleasant way.
  3. Product and service Videos – Many companies help visitors to their internal pages and create a series of videos for the company’s key products.
  4. Landing page videos – Referring to a landing page with video from aany marketing campaign, organic or sponsored promotion, will help increase conversion rates and turn landing page visitors into high quality leads.
  5. Videos and social networks – Videos get more exposure at a relatively low cost, allowing web viewers to get information directly by referring to landing pages.
  6. Video platforms sites – YouTube, Vimeo and others allow viewers to share movies and increase exposure and create quality organic traffic to the company’s website through priority search words promoted by Google.
  7. Videos targeted to recruit investors – In many cases, a video helps entrepreneurs sharpen their messages on their hard way to raising capital, and simply explain to investors about the competitive advantages of the company. In many cases, a video helps to convey in concrete form to investors and venture capitalists the essence of the idea that is at the beginning of its path and is difficult to illustrate in the presentation.
  8. Video clips for PPC campaigns – It seems almost impossible to apply for mass marketing campaigns without a promotional video clip. The entrepreneur deals with a large number of competitors for the attention of those interested in launching through the site of mass mobilization.
  9. Video clips for bank or private financing – also by contacting private investors or financing through the bank and financial institutions, an explanatory video can help create the appropriate infrastructure for investment.
  10. Business Presentation Videos – Combining a video with a business presentation can create an edge and interest. A video that offers a general background, or explains an important messages in a presentation will assure the success of the presentation.
  11. Business meeting videos – A video can help clearly show the meeting topics at sales and marketing meetings and help the marketing team make a more effective meeting.
  12. Marketing videos for conferences – Whether it is a booth with screens for participants or a video presentation during the conference, a video will help attract attention and interest.
  13. Video for Events – Company events that include a video that reviews the company’s activities, personnel, or future plans will help turn the event to a special and memorable event.
  14. Training videos – Internet training videos, company website, new employees, or refresher programs, instructional videos can serve as a helpful training tool, saving time and money for the organization.
  15. Videos for screening at the company’s offices – or the lobby of the organization, always entertain the guests of the company, with a short and pleasant acquaintance with the company.

One effective video, with one investment, will help and promote you wherever you need, in any possible application.

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