25 Best Background Music Tracks for Your Explainer Video

Background Music Explainer Video

Background Music Explainer Videos – Popular tracks

Towards the end of the Explainer video process there’s a specific process known as adding music and/or sound effects. The music you add to your video basically defines its entire tone. The music has to fit the tone and mood of the video to have the effect required from it. Hence, different kinds of movies have different styles of music that suits them.

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Taking them all into account, here are the 25 best background music tracks for Explainer videos:

Best Background Music for Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are professional and serious. They are used to convey information to specific people who are of a similar mindset. The style and atmosphere of the music you pick for your corporate video needs to fit the overall message and should not stray away from the professionalism of the message you wish to convey. You can do this with an ambient atmosphere, or a mildly poppy track that’s not distracting. In some cases, when you don’t want music to be there, simple voice over can help your corporate video.

For that end, here are five background music tracks for corporate videos:

Inspiring Cinematic Motivational Trailer

Best Background Music for Cartoon Videos

Cartoon and animated videos allow you to be experimental and goofy with how you use music. They are considered to be something that’s made for children, and it is exactly that attitude towards cartoon videos that allows the makers to experiment with them. Often, cartoon videos are accompanied by pop music in order to give off a friendly environment while you convey your message through the video, but the opportunities when it comes to cartoons are endless.

Make the most of those opportunities with these great tracks for cartoon videos:

Happy Clarinet Ragtime

Uplifting Acoustic Fun Kids

That Positive Feeling

Success Story of a Happy Man

Happy Family

Best Background Music for Training Videos

We love Video Hive      AudioJungle 

Training videos happen to be a great way to impart important knowledge and information on to your employees and those wishing to join your company’s fold. The music that suits a training video best happens to be that of focus and restraint that makes sense in the context of what’s going on in the video. On the other hand, you can take a more light hearted approach to it all in order to engage your viewers in another way.

No matter which you pick, these pieces of music for training videos are bound to come in handy:


Elevate the World

Corporate Inspiration Background

Premium Corporate Background

Happy Pack

Best Background Music for Infographic Videos

Infographic videos are filled to the brim with data and information that’s there for the viewers to read. Music is thus a major part of holding their attention. To make sure that you keep your viewers’ interest, the music you need should be something that’s not subdued and should be catchy.

Here are some tracks you can use for infographic videos:

Happy Pack

Fast Inspirational Background

Best Background Music for Company Story Videos

A company’s story must be told in the most catching and complete way possible. To do that, you need the perfect blend of music to add to all the information showing up on the screen. Hence, the background music you must pick has to not only be catchy, but has to fit the tone of what you’re showing on the screen.

To do that, choose some of the tracks below:


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