25 Best Promo Video examples to spark the creativity your business needs


Promotional videos are easily the most artistic, creative, emotional, and humorous pieces of storytelling that you’ll find in the market. It is really easy for any video to go viral and get your brand or product the global exposure it needs. Here are some of the best examples of promo videos done right.

25 Best Promo Video examples

Promo Video Pricing 

How some of the successful brands have used best promo videos examples for success

Promo videos, when produced properly, can be used to support a variety of business and marketing goals such as sales retention, customer education, customer experience, and much more. There are brands that face difficulty in measuring the ROI of their videos but that is gradually changing. Brands use videos to support these four key goals which later help them become successful.

  • Improving the traffic on the website
  • Winning sales
  • Educating the customers
  • Offering support and customer help

Increasing web traffic

Promo videos have often proven to be effective tools that help the brands earn new website traffic while also keeping the visitors on their site for longer durations. Some of the most successful brands have promoted their videos on platforms like social media and more for driving the consumers to their website. It is reported that almost 84% of the marketers believe that videos are a great help to their marketing efforts.

Winning sales

The marketing and sales teams of a lot of brands have been using videos for inching ahead of their competitors and converting prospects into concrete sales. While content marketing and digital ads are definitely helpful for creating touch points that help during a buyer’s journey, promo videos tend to provide a more compelling dynamic which helps the brands tell their story. In fact, 76% of brands say that videos have helped improve their sales.
Helps educate new users

Promo Videos act as the perfect tools for helping prospective customers as well as new customers in understanding how to make the best use of products and services while also reinforcing the values the brand adds to the lives of its customers. 97% of the marketers have the opinion that videos have helped the users understand the products and services in a better way.

Offering customer support and help

Promo videos are a big help in providing customer support ass videos can be used to answer the questions and queries of the customers proactively. 47% of the brands believe that videos have helped reduce support queries. These promo videos are helpful in explaining the FAQs and provide visual instructions for completing certain tasks.


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