Everything you need to know about the pricing of promotional videos


Promo videos are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of marketing a product or service in order to bring a wide audience.

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With the advancement in technology, digitalization, and the ease at which the internet is available, it has become very easy for the audience to have access to social media and other platforms. These platforms can be used for displaying your promo videos and get your ideas and products across potentially thousands or millions of viewers.

Some of the key points you must keep in mind about pricing of promo videos before committing to a promo video marketing agency are –

The promotional videos pricing must be in accordance with the services offered by the company

Make sure the price of the package selected is worth the services they are providing. A lot of the companies tend to charge in excess and some even have hidden fees which you might not be aware of until you commit. Make sure that you check all the services provided by the company and check customer reviews if they actually live up to the promised services or not.

Check out the pricing list and compare the services against the price of each package

Before committing to a promo video marketing agency, you must check out their pricing list and compare all the mentioned services against the price of each package. Carefully iron out the details before deciding on which package you are most comfortable with. Try to look for brands that have a number of packages for customers of all budgets. Select the package according to the budget and check out the pricing list and all the services they provide.


Check out their portfolio

Look at the pricing list of the company and then compare it with their portfolio. A high-quality company should have a list of high-profile references so look for them if possible. Do not go for a company without researching about them thoroughly because they might try to fool the customers by making their website look really attractive but the quality of services provided might not live up to the price.


Look for transparency – does the website have promotional videos pricing list online

One of the clearest indications of the authenticity of a promo video marketing agency is how transparent they are with the pricing list. Any authentic agency will display their pricing list online and will not have any hidden fees or additional charges. Make sure you thoroughly check for these details before committing.


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