4 Video Formats to Help You Increase Sales

Well, it seems that the need to explain why a company would generate better engagement and improve conversion by creating an explainer or sales videos, is not necessary nowadays.

Marketers from all industries already understand that an explainer video allows them to quickly introduce their business, explain what it does, and tell customers why they need them.

Videos are making an impact on your audience and provide them with the important information necessary to make an informed decision.

The only question that remains, is what type of video and what kind of budget to invest in each video.

We, at Video Guru recently expanded our video portfolio and we now offer four categories of videos that will increase your sales.

Animation / Motion Graphic Videos

A great way to deliver a focused message is by a custom made animation. We offer fully customized videos to promote a corporate message, a product or an application.

Recommended length 60-90 seconds.

Corporate  – Motion Footage Video

Create a clear and modern look in a custom made video based on footage database. Promote your company with relevant clips, and combine pictures, product shots and screen shots. Recommended length 60-90 seconds.

Testimonial – Studio Presentation Videos

Create a studio presentation video with your presenter or a professional presenter to illustrate your products, solutions and applications greater details. Combine pictures, product shots and screen shots. Recommended length 2-5 minutes.

Traffic Generating Videos

Our traffic generating videos are template based, targeting low budget missions and could fit websites, products and/or applications, conferences and exhibitions. Recommended length 60 seconds.

We Create Highly Effective Explainer Videos!

We’re not just another animator’s team. We look at our videos from a pure business perspective. While our videos always look great, we only consider the bottom line. Our main concern is how we can provide you with an effective video that will help increase your business.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your next sales video.

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