5 things you can expect form a great explainer video

A great explainer video

Explainer videos are the new trend; the more efficient form of marketing that allows you to target a wider consumer base. Their conversational attribute introduces your product or service in a manner that leaves a positive impression in the minds of the viewers. Thus it is the one tool that could make or break your business.

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Many companies, world over, are using explainer videos. They upload them onto their websites or the YouTube channel that they have created. More often than not, they create a portfolio of videos rather than just one introductory one. These videos are then categorized into types like introductory videos, tutorial videos, review videos, promotional videos and even frequents asked videos. Thus they cover all aspects of the promotion of their business; product/service, branding, updates and even case studies.

What will a great explainer video exactly do for you?

A great explainer video – Creates greater understanding

Explainer videos simplify the technicalities of any business. It is void of any specific jargon. It is a convenient and concise way to relay information about it to the common man; your objectives, your inspirations and even the production methods. You could even call the video a professional elevator pitch as it allows you to persuade potential consumers into buying your product or availing your service.

It is attention grabbing

The nature of videos is such that it retains the attention of the viewers because of its interactive nature. The animation, the quirkiness and the short burst of excited information are perceived positively in the minds of the viewers. They have proven to be more beneficial for promotion when compared to text. People are more likely to watch a two minute video than to read an extended article trying to explain the specificities of a product of service.


Expect lots of viewers

Once your video has been uploaded onto the internet, you can expect a surge of viewers. This can especially be expected because the internet is a free platform used by individuals from all across the globe. Thus creating a wider target market for your business. Search engines and websites display suggested videos based on keywords which allow your viewer count to increase dramatically.


Encourages potential sales

If created effectively, you can also expect people to like and share your video. Some might even subscribe to your channel to stay informed about any updates you wish to give them. In this manner, your business may flourish by establishing a brand name. It can even be used to measure your success; the more viewers you get, the more people want to know about your business and the more potential consumers you have, the more sales you make.

Becomes a great return on investment

The time and money you spend creating this explainer video will thus prove to be worth it. The benefits mentioned above are real and creating such a video will surely allow your business to flourish. The long term revenue, popularity and brand image you will have created for yourself will serve effort, time and money went into making the video.

If you feel like this is the step forward for you and that you need a little help starting, contact us! We have created explainer videos for thousands of successful businesses and are more than happy to aid you. We’ve got your back!

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