2019 Best Explainer Videos: Awesome Examples by style and price level

Welcome To Video Guru. A Boutique Animation Studio For 3d And 2d Animation. We Are Proud To Present Some Of The Top Explainer Videos Of 2019

In 2014, we founded Video Guru and we’ve produced since then over 1,000 videos for leading customers around the world.

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With a team of 25 professionals we offer a variety of styles in both 3D and 2D animation.

More than anything, Video Guru specializes in understanding its customers’ needs and providing them with the proper solutions to their marketing and business needs. We create accurate, cohesive, and compelling explainer videos.

Among others we have produced videos to the US Government, the UN and its subsidiaries, and tier one customers like Motorola, Amdocs, TEVA, Jansen, Abbvie and many others.

We offer fixed Explainer video packages, all inclusive, at unlimited storyboard revisions, fast turn around production time, and great pricing. As part of our overall transparency policy, we publish a price list on our website. What you see if what you’ll get, on time, on budget. No surprises.

Here are 10 of our best explainer videos created in 2019:

3D Animation

First and foremost, we specialize in creating 3D Animated videos, and we offer clients a real difference in both video content and visibility. We go down to the smallest details and offer very high-quality and competitive costs.

3D Pricing:   3D Product Video      3D Visualization      3D Characters 

Watch couple of videos done for MibaStar, a producer of smart and modern food packaging.


2D Animation

We also offer a number of styles of 2D Animation videos, including character animations, motion graphics animations, and whiteboard animations.

2D Pricing:   2D Characters      

Watch a 2D Explainer Video for ICL, a world leading chemical conglomerate

Watch a great 2D Explainer video for Upside Avenue, and new residential district

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Animation Explainer Videos is great to convey an Idea, educate Or Promote Your Brand And Values, in a modern and dynamic animation.

2D Pricing:  Motion Graphics      

Watch a motion graphics explainer video for Crowdwiz – Giving the Power Back to Investors

Watch a motion graphics explainer video for Jury Online – A Blockchain-Based Platform


Whiteboard Animation

We offer whiteboard animation Explainer Videos that taste different, in our own unique style.

2D Pricing:    Whiteboard Animation 

We offer uncompromising whiteboard animation explainer videos, drilling down to the smallest details, highly competitive pricing and first class around the clock service.

What a great whiteboard video for Ben Gurion Airport – Israel’s main international airport

And watch another video for the new Ramon airport in southern Israel

Stock Footage with Info graphic

Another particularly popular style is our infographic video style. We offer a real revolution in the production of explainer videos. There is no need for grandiose productions that require many teams and complex logistics to producing explainer videos. We offer digital explainer videos created from quality stock footage in a huge variety of fields, and we add a layer of quality and dynamic infographics to personalize the video.

2D Pricing:   Stock with Info graphics      Standard Stock Video

Watch an awesome video for Kenes exhibitions, a leading player in producing international conferences

Watch another stock video for Watec water technologies conference

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