5 Tips for Generating Brand Awareness with Your Explainer Videos

One of the most important things for a brand is to raise its awareness. This helps the brands in attracting consumers and also helps them gain brand loyalty from already present consumers and buyers. There are many ways by which one can achieve this but one of the most engaging and easiest ways is by making explainer videos. This will help the viewers understand your business better and with the vast use of internet nowadays, brands can easily access consumers. The more people view the videos, the more will your brand awareness rise. This has a direct relationship. There are a number of ways to do this, let’s look at the 5 top tips to generate brand awareness.

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Reflect your brand

Instead of making videos solely for a product, be sure that the video has some essence of your overall brand. For that, you can use the colors of the brand so that viewers can easily identify your brand and also use your brand’s corporate identity. Not only will this help in making an impression but it will also make consumers aware of what your brand is about and what it offers.

Improve Engagement

The purpose of these explainer videos is to engage the consumers and audience which is why one should try their best to make it as interactive as possible. This can be done by using custom characters and the right animation so that the videos seem more personalized. You do not want your explainer videos to look like an ordinary one. It should reflect YOUR brand clearly. Other than that you can also use good presenters for the videos. This will add a conversational tone to the video and give the impression that the videos are specially made for each and every consumer. This will make the video interesting therefore resulting in more people watching it.

Make your videos accessible

The key to awareness is that the videos should be easily found. For that, you can pay the mediums you launch your videos on in order to get extra viewers. You must also make sure that your videos are on social media mediums so that the maximum amount of people can view them. Focus on raising the number of viewers.

Upload your videos on YouTube

There are so many people who use YouTube nowadays and most people use it to know about a certain brand or a person. Due to these reasons, all brands prefer to have their videos on YouTube but the important thing is to follow proper protocol. For that, be sure to abide by all YouTube rules and also have a great title so that it is easily found. Use keywords for the same purpose and be sure to write a nice long description which is at least 500 words long. This will help you gain maximum viewers.

The right team goes a long way

The people who are creating your content must be well aware of what your brand offers and what kind of a voice it has. For example, certain brands go for rather serious videos and some go for fun and entertaining videos. Due to this reason, be sure to have the right team to create your videos.


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