6 Laws for the Perfect Explainer Video

As effective as they may be, there is a lot that needs to go into the planning and execution of the perfect explainer video. However, once it is done and released for the world to see, that perfect video is what could drive your business to become a giant success in no time!

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See a great example for a perfect 1 minute 3d Animation explainer video. 


There are a few rules that could help pave the way for the perfect explainer video:

Perfect explainer video – The length of the video

The success of your explainer video heavily depends on its length. Studies have showed, especially in today’s technologically driven era that the average attention span has reduced down to 10 seconds maximum. In light of this information, it is important for your business to create a video that aims to retain attention. If you keep it short and concise, viewers are more likely to stay until the end of the video and thus are left informed about your product and services.


The relevancy of the video

The perfect explainer video will be tailored to the trends, needs and wants that pertain to your specific target market. The more they feel like your product and service was made specifically for them, the more they will want to invest in availing it. An explainer video that is either too general or does not correspond with the customers will not sit well on the internet. Thus, relevancy is key!


What the script looks like

The script of the explainer video should be created in such a manner that is seen as a balance; it needs to informational, persuasive, quirky, understandable and light on the mind. This is to ensure that the words used to promote your business are in line with the new and exciting product/service being introduced to the market.


What is the bigger picture

Viewers will often look for the bigger picture. They will want to know beyond just what the product is and does. They look for the story, every brand has one! Your story is that one factor that separates you from the rest who are trying to sell the same, or similar, products to the viewer. You have to give them a reason to choose you instead of your competitor.


Is it consistent?

The perfect explainer video will be consistent. Now what does that exactly mean?

Consistency covers multitudes of factor. It entails that you always keep the content in line with business objectives and purpose; this way the view is not given the impression of a forced pitch of your product of service through the repetition of things like the image of your brand logo. Being consistent also means that your pitch needs to be as direct as possible and should give your potential customers a feeling that you are the most credible authority in the market which is why they must turn to you.


Hire a guru!

Another option that you can always explore is hiring a professional company, like ours, who will help get the job done. Since we specialize in this field, we can create the perfect explainer video for you. We will carry out market research to ensure that the explainer video is tailored to your business and its needs. You get the perfect explainer video without having to go through the tiring process of making one.


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