A wedding is an amazing milestone in a person’s life and everyone wants to make it special. You could have an amazing ceremony, with your favorite band playing in the background and a beautiful sunset, but over time all of that fades away.

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After you’ve done with hectic wedding routine and can finally sit down, you realize that all the time was wasted on listening to your parents argue on which type of tablecloth should be used, or your aunt constantly talking in your ear about her precious little daughter. You panic and look around, but you see that there is a video playing on the TV. You go near to watch it and realize that it’s the amazing animated wedding video that you had got made. You breathe a sigh of relief, because you know that your wedding has been unforgettable.

Come to us and we will make your wildest dreams come true. We will create an amazing animated video for especially you. Styles like wedding night cartoon animation video or a comic style wedding evening animated video are what you could opt for. You could also have a badly made and edited live video for your wedding, but where’s the fun in that?

We use 100% original animation, including drawing the couple in our unique comic style, that means that you have endless possibilities for your videos, you just have to think it and we’ll make it.

We have a few ideas that you would like to check out:

  • How you met? You could let us tell your story, from meetings in the bus or on tinder, we would make a cool video showing the first sight of love.
  • Family introduction- Do you want guest appearances by your Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, Sister, Niece and so on? We can make that happen. With special animated characters for them.
  • Mutual Hobbies- What do you both like to do together? Jogging, yoga, table tennis, swimming, sky diving or playing video games. We can make a video with you doing the things you love with the person that you love.
  • Mutual Friends- What wedding is complete without friends? If you want your special friends that you grew up with and friends that you met along the way in your wedding video, then all you have to do is ask.
  • Mutual Dreams- We all have dreams together, especially after getting married. Lying under the stars all those magical fantasies play out in your head. You’re both magicians taking the world by storm, or adventurers deep in the tropical rain forest searching for a long lost treasure, all this in your special video.
  • Mutual Plans- You’ve told your significant other what you want to accomplish in your life. You’ve made plans together. Let us make a video that enacts those plans so you can look on them whenever you forget what you promised each other.
  • World Travel- A journey into foreign lands is a dream come true, with your special animated wedding video we can make that a reality. Go on a magical journey anywhere on the world map, from the beautiful, romantic Paris, to the exuberant New York City.

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Or you could tell us any other idea that you come up with, and we’ll make you a one of a kind cartoon style wedding video.

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