Effective explainer videos – A 30 Second Explainer Video

Effective explainer video

When making explainer videos, people are often not sure of as to how long the video should be. If we notice, most explainer videos are about 60-90 seconds long which gives enough space to basically explain a product or a brand thoroughly. The length matters a lot more than we realize. If the video is too long, the viewers will easily get bored and lose their interest and actually resent watching the video. On the other hand if its too short then they will not understand the product very well due to which maybe they lose their interest in buying it. Pretty crucial isn’t it?

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A 30 Second Explainer Video, Is That Effective? see a sample animated video

So are 30-second explainer videos effective? Some will agree and some will disagree. If we talk about 30-second explainer videos, they are more like video ads. So there is not much depth and detail in them. These are great without a doubt but again, they do not leave much space for explaining. On the other hand, 30-second explainer videos are great for social media mediums and websites. On such mediums, people do not have the patience to go through lengthy videos so they actually prefer brief videos. These also give you a great chance to connect with the right people. This is because if a 30-second video can actually persuade a consumer into buying a product, that means that they must be really into it. So you will actually get loyal buyers.

In comparison to that, if we look at 60-90 second explainer videos, these are much more in depth so they explain much more detail about the product and make viewers much more aware about what the brand or product has to offer them. These are not the best option for social media mediums because people might just leave it halfway through. So the best solution for this is that brands make videos according to the mediums they are choosing.

Effective explainer video

There are so many variations in social media mediums and websites that one type of content cannot be used everywhere. We can see that if a person wants to know all about your brands in depth then they will prefer to visit the brand’s website to extract maximum information. So in regards to that, one must have a 60-90 second video there so that the potential consumer can have maximum information about the brand or the product.

If we talk about social media sites then 30-second explainer videos are the best option. They are brief, interesting and they are fun. We here create 30-second explainer videos in a few animation styles and we would absolutely love to create yours and make sure that the video is engaging and also reflects your brand speaking to the viewers about it. We understand its importance due to which we make sure to make the best content for you. With the right animation and the right duration, you can get the perfect explainer video which will greatly help you in attracting consumers and also raise brand awareness.



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