A quick guide to using footage in explainer videos


Footage these days take up a larger part over time in any commercial production of explainer videos and becoming an integral part of producing promotional videos.

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We specialize in the production of integrated footage videos, combined with a graphic and animation layer, to offer a video package that includes everything at unbeatable prices, certainly compared to live shots or studio videos considering the cost of photography staff, and editing of materials from photography.

Explainer Video Production -A quick guide to using footage in explainer videos

See a great example of a footage-based video with a graphic layer

In some cases, the whole video is based on footage, and in other cases footage will be integrated in cases where the photographed production materials need to be completed.

American blockbusters or the most popular TV series also combine clips from stocks to save on photography costs, and to provide quality, ready-made footage.

Where to buy clips

We focus on two large and quality sites that offer different price levels.


Video Hive – one of the largest sites providing materials for video, photos, music, WordPress templates and more. The cost of footage in Video Hive starts at $ 8 and in some cases comes to $100 or more per footage, depending on the quality, the complexity of the shot, and the desired vertical market.


Shutter Stock – the industry and market leader, and the default search for online stock footage. Prices are fixed and stand at about $ 80 per clip, and you can purchase packages of footage at a discount. Shutter Stock offers a huge selection and offers solutions for almost any industry, and almost any vertical field.

Search Options

Both sites have extensive search options. You can search the databases by number of criteria:

  1. Search by price
  2. Search by resolution
  3. Search by quality
  4. Search by colors
  5. Search by keyword


Integration of footage in Explainer Video Production

  • In most sites you can download a demo version with watermarks for testing and evaluation and purchase the video only after you are convinced that you have purchased the right footage.
  • In many cases, working correctly with clips can transmit credibility at a level that viewers will appreciate as a dedicated live shot, rather than a footage.
  • The secret in personalization of the footage is the correct selection of the clips, while viewing the video from a bird’s eye view in order to maintain uniformity in quality, colourfulness, and a uniform and convincing leading characters.
  • In addition, the layer of graphics we create on each footage causes the clip to be captured as a background, while the artwork layer gives the interest layer and explanation.
  • Another parameter that adds to the reliability of the video is multiple footage. The more we break the video to more frames, for example, 3-5 seconds per frame, instead of 10-15 seconds, the video rate and dynamism will make it more rhythmic, interesting and compelling.
  • Compared with any live shot video, a footage-based video can be built for a full storyboard for client approval before editing the video, and coordinate expectations in this manner with the customer, to ensure maximum satisfaction.

We would be happy to produce an explainer video for you

We specialize in producing explainer videos with integrated footage and animation. We have created hundreds of videos leading companies and have acquired expertise in producing captivating videos.

We will be happy if you take a look at the many examples of the videos we created, and we will be happy if you drop us a mail.

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