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Animated explainer video production is one of the most exciting aspects of digital marketing.

As the nature of the marketing videos evolve, the use of animation adds an exciting, almost lively aspect, to the any marketing campaign that a business chooses to undergo.

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Another reason why businesses opt for animated explainer videos is the fact that their cost of production is substantially lower than that of a live action explainer video. This coupled with the fact that they have been proven to be more engaging with the viewers makes them the best return of investment.

The fact that you can create a video that is the purest manifestation of what creativity is, is exactly what makes it so attractive to viewers. It includes a wide range of colors, animations and characters that support a story line. If executed and designed well, an animated explainer video could be exactly what your business’s marketing campaign needs.

A great sample of an animated explainer video production

And a shorter example of a 30 sec explainer video production

When deciding to go with animation, you have further decisions to make; whether to opt for 2D or 3D animations. As a company with trained experts, 25 professional designers and animators to be exact, we can create the perfect animated explainer video that effectively achieves the purpose for which it’s created. We have created thousands more for businesses all across the world; we know what we are doing. Our production process spans over 6 stages.

Stage 1: Give us a Brief

The first step is to decide the content and purpose of the explainer video. You should address the nature of the business, the products/services and things you feel have to be included in the video. Once you have complied a document containing all the information and objectives you wish to achieve is when we can start our creative process.

Stage 2: We create a Script

After we have all the necessary information, we create the script of the animated explainer video. The tone and style can depend on how formal or informal you want it to be. Once we have written it, you can give us feedback. If need be, alteration can be made as well.

Stage 3: Record a Voice Over

Once you have decided and finalized the script, the nest step is the recording of the voice over. You can get one of your employees to do it; there are also professionals that you can turn towards. After its recording, all you have to do is listen to it and chose whether it is right.

Stage 4: Chose the Music

After the basics are done, we get to decide the background jingle or music. You can choose to find it yourselves or we can give you suggestions that are in sync with the style of the animation and content.

Stage 5: The Creation of the Storyboard

Once the content and background music is decided upon, all that is left for our designers is to create the storyboard. From the rough sketch to the final colored draft, the process can be exciting. It is a visual representation of the story you are aiming to tell, just frame by frame.

Stage 6: Finishing Editing

The last stage in the process is the combining of the frame. It is the complaining of all the preparations that have been made before; the voice over, the music and the visuals. After this is done, your animated explainer video is ready for the world.

Let us embark upon this journey for you, let us create the perfect animated explainer video for your business.



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