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The internet has evolved into the entrepreneurial hub of the 21st century. As its popularity and use grew, businesses started to take advantage of this facility that gave them the opportunity to target a wider consumer base. Now we observe the importance it plays in building brands and consolidating their position in the world. The internet became what made them successful.

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When deciding to use the internet as a forum to establish your business, you are posed with a lot of options for marketing. You could use social media or set up a website. Similarly you could promote it through promotional texts or through things like explainer videos.

When limiting ourselves to the area of marketing, text verses video is always put under a microscope. Let’s take into account that fact that because of the fast pace of life in the 21st century, most people lack the attention span to go through a long article promoting the intricacies of a new business. Majority of the people simply turn away from the article. Perhaps some even turned away from this one! Let us tell you why that would prove to be an opportunity cost.

The lack of patience and the short attention span talked about above proves to be a vital guideline for individuals wanting to set up businesses on the internet. In order to establish your brand there can be nothing better than an explainer video! It is interactive, short and it leaves an impression in the minds of your potential consumers. Embarking upon creating that perfect video is that first step you need to take in order market your product or services to the world.

The most valuable thing about these explainer videos is the fact that they are the most interactive. They give you the opportunity to explain your business and your idea to people in a conversational manner. It becomes easier to understand the kind of production you have, the inspiration behind your product and what your objectives are in the long term.

Explainer videos can thus exist in forms like:

  • Introduction Videos : they announce your new business to the world.
  • Tutorial Videos: they will allow you to give a demo of your product or service.
  • YouTube Videos: these could be a series of videos you put out to give more information about your business. It would give you a direct mode of interaction with your audience on free forum.
  • Landing Page Videos: these videos are those that you can put at the top of your website. Being the first thing that viewers will see, it will grasp their attention and ensure they learn about your business.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Videos: they help clear any ambiguity that a potential consumer may be feeling.
  • Review Videos: a positive review video can go a long way in encouraging others to avail what is offered by your business.


You must be thinking, ‘surely is costs a great deal to shoot, edit and upload a video onto the internet.

Or that, ‘this entire process must be so time consuming, isn’t is easier just to write a promotional text?

Let’s talk about the costs first. It would be unrealistic to assume that you could make a video without spending any money on it. While there are minimal costs, the benefits outweigh them significantly. It is understandable that with such a method of promotion, there may be certain pressures like having to create the most tech-savvy video out there. However, the simpler you keep the entire thing the better it is received and the more cost efficient it is.

Given that fact that once you have created these videos, they are out there all the time. 24 hours, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year. They are out there for the entire world to see. Thus simply by virtue of your expanded target market, you will become more profitable. Your videos could be on websites, on social media like Facebook and even search engines like Google and Yahoo will pick up your videos through keywords.

Thus in the longer run, such a video will surely become an asset for you and your business. The scope of benefit extends to major fields!

  1. Sales

According to Forbes, entrepreneurs that use explainer videos tend to see a 49 percent faster growth in revenue. This is because your business has been pitched to them in a positive and humanistic way that compels them to give you a shot. Feeling confident that the information they get from you is credible, they would decide to give your product/service a try thus boosting your sales massively. This is without taking into account the wide consumer base you will have created for yourself by pitching your business via video on the internet.

Explainer Video Price List     Explainer Videos Portfolio

  1. Branding and Rebranding

The explainer videos will allow you to establish your brand. It will allow you to relay your inspirations, your objectives and your long term aims for the business. It is a way through which you will be able to give everyone an insight into your business and the way it works. Once you have created a brand, these explainer videos can also aid you in rebranding. You can simply inform the consumers of this new upgrade by creating an exciting, interacting and perhaps aesthetic video.


  1. Marketing

When it comes to marketing your product, these videos help you to be tactical. If you stay aware of the upcoming trends you can take advantage of their popularity and become a part of the hype that they have created. These explainer videos can even give you the opportunity to align yourself with certain social movements that could put you in a positive light.


  1. New Products and Releases

New products and releases and the way that they function can be released through tutorial videos. They will put the product on the map and give you the opportunity to explain everything to the very last detail


  1. Conferences/Business Meetings

Explainer videos can also be a great tool in conferences. They can be used to bring everyone up to date with the progress of the business. They also clear out any questions and save time that would have been spent explaining the service and product.


  1. Training

When recruiting more employees, Explainer videos can be essential to reduce their time of trainer and to make it an efficient and easy process. Thus they don’t have to spend months trying to get a hand on what the business is like, what it values and what it is aiming to promote.




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