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In the modern era, large and small businesses alike are constantly pursuing digital tools that will help increase brand and company awareness and, of course, generate quality leads for the business.

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A business video, more than anything else, gives the business a high-quality, focused executive summary and explains for a short time, usually a minute to two, the brand elevator speech.

New set of digital tools

Basic digital tools such as a website that accurately represents the image of the product, updated product pages, comparison tables and price lists. A high-quality video is of course one of the most effective marketing tools that every business has to undertake.

The alternatives to producing a business video for a broad business, and are no longer concentrated around a filmed production with or without actors, with or without a photography team.

The digital world has opened countless new possibilities for creating business image films in a modern, fresh, focused and interesting manner.

Video Guru specializes in commercializing corporate or business videos in a variety of modern styles, at competitive prices suitable for any business interested in investing in marketing.

Multiple Business Videos Price & Styles

We offer a series of business videos based on stock footage – parts of filmed business videos – in a huge variety of subjects, styles and content.

We write a unique script for the client and at the stage of building the storyboard we choose appropriate stock footage for the overall story, and thus try to show the clips as one unified film rather than a collection of clips.

In addition, and no less important, we add a layer of info-graphic and graphics that explains, distinguishes and differentiates the video.

The result is spectacular. From a high level of stock videos, to the subjects of photography, and together with the graphic layer produce a proper marketing result and suitable for the business and the mission.

Transparent pricing policy

Our prices are transparent and presented on the website openly and offer a variety of alternatives to corporate identity and business videos in general and for small businesses in particular.

Production time is very fast with us and within two to three weeks from the beginning of the work, we will be able to submit a complete quality video to the customer.

We offer a variety of narrators on the site, and you can choose the appropriate voice over.

Background music, usually, we choose for the client, if a client asks to choose himself, we will turn to a huge pool of millions of music tracks to choose the correct music by the customer.

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We have created more than 1,000 business videos for a variety of leading clients all over the world, including the United States Government, the United Nations, many high-tech companies including Amdocs and Motorola, many medical companies including Teva and Jansen, many government ministries, municipalities, And the Jewish Agency.

Call us today, we will be happy to create a business video for you.

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