Case Study – How we choose an explainer video company?

אמיר לובשבסקי

“We found exactly what we were looking for with Video Guru. They create fantastic videos and we are really happy with them.”

Amir Lubashavsky, a serial entrepreneur and investor. Involved in the activities of several start-ups, has produced a few explainer videos with Video Guru.

Amir serves as an international arm for companies with which he works, and promotes marketing and business development for them.

In his main capacity Amir serves as the Business Development Manager of EfA Technologies.

The company is developing a revolutionary mobile device, a lab quality that combines multi-channel technology for exact blood tests anywhere.

We asked Amir several questions about producing his explainer videos.

Why did you need to produce an explainer video?

The company is at an advanced stage of product development, and we asked to update the marketing messages and visibility. We need a new look and feel for the company.

The main purpose of the video was to present the product briefly, about the technology and possible applications. We wanted a clear, high-quality video that would eventually enable us to understand what we were doing and why working with us.

Watch the video we created for EfA Technologies

What did you look for in the company to produce your videos?

First and foremost, it is important to us that the video production company understand what we are talking about. Product environment, technology, applications, advantages and disadvantages.

It is important for us to have a marketing understanding, an analytical ability.

Above all, the ability to “crack” the brief in the best possible way.

Video Guru has performed many medical and research projects, including tier 1 players like TEVA, ABBVIE, JANSEN and more.

Watch the 3D Animation video we created for Amir for the start-up company Referante.

Why did you choose to work with Video Guru?

Video Guru is a unique production company, offering multiple styles of videos in one house. They understand business, are very experienced in the international market, and produce the highest quality products with super quick production time.

We found the video production company we were looking for!

Who We Are

Video Guru is a team of highly experienced professional script writers, designers, animators, voice-over artists and project managers. We strive for excellence and won’t stop until we’ve delivered an effective, engaging Explainer Video for your business. We create powerful Explainer Videos that help sell your product or service to your target market, as well as in-depth educational and training videos. See pricing.

Indeed, In today’s digital age, it’s hard for businesses to stand out and connect with its customers. We understand that. Which is why we are dedicated to helping businesses, like yours, get their message across – simply, uniquely and successfully.

With a team of 25 artists in-house, we offer a range of video types at a variety of prices – one to fit every budget.

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