Character Animation Videos – The powerful conversions tool

Out of the many different methods of promoting and marketing your business in video form, character animation videos happen to be one of the most effective. Animation captures not only the attention of a person, but also their imagination. Animation, whether 3D character animation or or any 2d character style, is bound to provide a unique feel wherever they are used and look great too. Animated characters bring any website to life and provide a far more immersive experience to your audience, while also making it looking great.

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3D Character Animation

Character animation videos happen to be a great way of marketing products and services. You might see them a lot on social media of late. The reason for that happens to be the audience they attract. Animation is fun to watch. It’s far more interesting than having just some person telling you about a product, making them work very well as training videos. For these reasons, character animation videos are a huge hit all around the internet and are also bringing their magic for businesses when it comes to marketing.

Places Animation Works Great At

Due to what it offers, animation happens to work great in any industry and for any kind of product. There are just so many ways you can convey your message to your customers using animation. Any kind of business can be expected to benefit from the utilization of animation.

The major market for character animation videos currently happens to be the medical sector. Using 3D character animation, the medicine industry constantly keeps in touch with the public, letting them know about new products and much more. The medical sector also makes use of comics animation to convey different specifications in a homogenized and understandable way. Recently, a number of medical animation videos are making their way to social media and can be viewed by the masses.

2D Character Animation – Comics

Other major sectors utilizing animation happen to be high-tech companies and startups. Both utilize animated videos in order to introduce their products and their companies. As mentioned earlier, animation is bound to make an impression on people and introducing your business via character animation videos is bound to make it memorable for desired customers.

Much like that government office and municipalities have been making more use of animation lately in order to convey new plans and reforms to the public. They understand how memorable animation can be and use it in order to make sure that everyone happens to be on the same page whenever a new reform or new law takes form. Character animation videos, and especially comics animation, are vastly used to bridge the gap between people and governments.

2D Character Animation – Realistic Characters


The importance animated characters working in promotion does not simply extend towards these three industries or business sectors. Instead, it happens to be of great use to just about any industry and vertical market.

Why Character Animation Videos Work So Well

Animation offers you a number of advantages and benefits. The first happens to be the fast creation time. A 3D character animation video can be made far more quickly than your average live action video. And at the same time, animation offers far more creative opportunities. You can tell your story in a number of ways, with full flexibility on a storyboard. You can engage your viewers in the way you want, with no visual and creative limitations.

Character Animation Pricing    Character Animation Samples

Moreover, character animation videos have no real limitation on length. You can make small 30 second videos and entire web or TV series based on what you want to do. Moreover, animation offers you nearly endless design options. You can make your video like a comic, a cartoon, realistic, design based, 3D, retro, modern, whiteboard, a training manual, and much more. The opportunities might not be endless, but they sure are plenty.

2D Character Animation – Cartoon

The Production Process

When going for a character animation video, of any kind, you need to choose an Explainer video company. Explainer videos utilize a set process that guarantees quality. The production process of a typical explainer animation video is as follows:

  • A script is written down based on the client’s guidance and their requirements.
  • Style frames with sample characters are drawn to get a grip on character designs
  • A storyboard is drawn. The storyboard works as a visual script for the animated video
  • All the sound is recorded and edited to work best with the storyboard and script
  • Finally, the animation and editing takes place to give you an animated video

A Character Animation Video Company for You

If you’re looking for an Explainer video company to help you develop and make your character animation video, you need to give Video Guru a call.

Character Animation Pricing    Character Animation Samples

Video Guru is an Explainer video company that prides itself for showing extra sympathy to the animated character. But more than showing sympathy to the characters, we show empathy towards our clients. We understand each project and the work it needs from the perspective of our clients and strive to deliver a product that isn’t just what they want, but also something they need.

Video Guru brings you a repertoire consisting of hundreds of unique character animation videos that were not just delivered as per our clients’ needs, but were also successful for them. With 25 in-house animators and designers, we bring you dozens of different character designs, different animation styles, and a plethora of different videos.

At Video Guru, we believe in customer satisfaction above everything else. We offer you the best animated videos in the shortest time possible, while also taking care of your wallet. We offer great rates that are not subject to any additional payments. We take from you what you agreed to give us at the very start. Take a look at our video price list to learn more.

Our dedicated workers believe in our ideals and together we offer you complete transparency over the entire project. You’ll know when anything happens and what it costs. It is Video Guru’s belief that trust is the key to success. And we do all we can to keep and maintain that trust.

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