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Videos are increasingly becoming the most important kind of media around. They are being increasingly consumed all over the internet, in a number of ways. Go to social media, random websites, or anywhere all over the internet and you’ll find videos almost all over the place.

Online video consumption grew more than five times in the preceding year, with half of all media consumed on social media giant Facebook being videos. Advertisers are rapidly turning towards videos and focusing on video advertising with increasing concern. In such an environment, you have to turn towards videos before you get left behind.

Obviously videos need to be made and have to be developed in order to be used for the purpose you require them for. The best way to do that is to hire a video production company. If you’re looking for one, Video Guru is the one you need to check out.

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What is Video Guru?

Video Guru is a video production company that specializes in developing explainer videos. We are a firm filled with experts who have developed and worked on over a thousand videos. With our large in-house staff of over 25 animators and designers, we have been regularly providing services to some of the largest names in the business world.

Video Guru has long been working with tier 1 companies such as Motorola, UNICEF, TEVA, and ICL. Providing services to every single business sector around, we are constantly developing and making videos for customers. Most of the work we do happens to be via recurring customers, all happy to work with us because of the great ROI we offer.

Video Guru typically utilizes the explainer methodology of developing videos. Our explainer videos follow the process down to tee, while also adding our own input and innovation to each and every step. We use the best possible techniques and technologies to get you the explainer videos you want and need.

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What are Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos developed by following a specific process and pattern. The explainer process has distinct steps, with each step being directly linked to the proceeding and succeeding ones. The explainer process typically includes the following steps:

  • The Brief

The brief is the description of the video we are supposed to develop. The brief is provided by the customers and is thoroughly studied by us in order to understand just what our customer requires for us.

  • The Script

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of what the customer requires, we begin writing a script for the video. The length of the script varies based on the length of the video, with 140 words being the norm at Video Guru for a video of 1 minute and length. The script is sent to the customer once it has been drafted and all revisions by the customer are discussed and included.

  • Voice Over

Once the script has been finalized, it is recorded by a voice over artist in a professional studio. Video Guru brings its customers a wide number of professional artists, both male and female, which they can select based on their preferences.

  • Background Music

After the voice over recording is completed and approved by the customer, the background music process starts. We offer our customers a wide number of background music choices from our huge catalog, and add the music based on the taste and choice of our customers.

  • Storyboard

A storyboard is the visual backbone for the video. It is essentially a visual script which dictates what will be shown in a video. We draft and draw storyboard after the sound processes are complete and constantly run them through our customers to make them aware of what the video will have.

  • Editing

Once storyboards have been finalized and drawn completely, they are edited together to make a video. During the editing process, any excesses or any areas lacking qualities are improved or cut from the video. Once the video has been completed, it is sent to the customer for viewing.

Explainer Video Price List

View the Explainer Video Price List 

Our explainer videos come at fantastic prices, with each process being backed up by full transparency along with the price accompanying it. Our explainer video price list is as follows:

  • Whiteboard Basic
    Get the best 1 minute video to help your business propositions and advertisements with our Whiteboard Basic explainer videos.
  • Training Videos
    A 2 minute video with an animated presenter that informs the viewer about the topic at hand and whatever you might need to talk about.
  • Corporate Basic
    Increase the average time spent on your website while also talking about your business and its values. Our corporate basic video runs for 60 seconds and does all that.
  • Whiteboard
    Explain your business to people and engage them in conversation, while also promoting it all the while and keeping people in the loop.
  • Motion Graphics
    Utilize motion graphics to engage your viewers with stunning and fun animations.
  • Corporate Videos
    Tell everyone about your business propositions and the value of them with our fantastic corporate videos.
  • Cartoon Animation
    Instantly grab the attention of your customers with fun cartoon animation that is bound to catch their eye.
  • Digital Design
    Appeal to the eyes and blow minds with the most thrilling digital design available anywhere in the market.
  • 2D Characters
    Get close to your customers by sending your message via 2D characters that engage your customers.
  • Product Videos
    Tell everything you want about your business with product videos that go in depth, but retain the sleek visuals.
  • 3D Products
    Mesmerize your customers with a full 3D experience about your products that aims to immerse them in information.
  • 3D Animation
    Bring the best possible experience to your customers with a full 3D animation short that is bound to catch their eyes and keep their attention.

Why You Should Choose Video Guru

At Video Guru, we aim to bring your ideas to life with engaging scripts and fantastic videos. We offer full transparency on both products and prices and keep you in the loop concerning everything we do. We value your time and always meet our deadlines. Moreover, we value customer satisfaction over anything else, with our project managers being available for contact at any time of the day through Skype and many other platforms. Video Guru has worked for years in every sector of the business world, and we do our best to not only understand what you want, but help you reach the goals you’ve set.

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