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Tal Hadas, CEO of ETKES, talks in a personal interview about producing a promotional video with Video Guru.

Eli Etkes Sons surveying & engineering instruments LTD. Israel’s leading provider for measuring and engineering devices, includes customer-built solutions and monitoring systems.

ETKES is launching GeoGinie’s advanced measurement solutions to create enterprise and geo-centric information systems.

GeoGenie is a state-of-the-art application generator that enables do-it-yourself measurements for quick customization and creation of enterprise and geo-centric information systems.

We asked Tal a few questions about producing the GeoGenie video.

Why did you want to create a promotional video?

These days, we are launching an information system for the field of measurement. A comprehensive solution that serves as a technological solution for leading integrators and business partners in the world of measurement. Watch the video:

First and foremost, we sought to target and distill the messages and create a video, which would assist with the initial penetration and establishment of a global partner network.

Video Guru came to us for a debriefing session where we presented the complexity of the solution, and the need to convey the broad information briefly, using a two-minute script.

During the meeting and in collaboration with a Video Guru, we selected a style for the video from a wide variety of style alternatives for creating and producing a promotional video.

Video Guru offered alternatives in 2D and 3D animation as well as a footage based video from international stocks combined with an info-graphic layer.

We chose info-graphic, which includes information, charts, data and tables, in a professional, well-designed presentation.

How was the video production process conducted?

Video Guru conducts a neat process for producing videos. Starting with writing a script focused on the core of messages in a professional way, at a level compatible with the US market.

Next, created a storyboard for us in several steps that combines footage with an infographic layer. Allow us to select an voice artists from a wide selection of narrators, perform professional editing, and submit a high-quality video that meets our expectations.

The entire process took about four weeks to receive the finished product – a quality, focused promotional video for GeoGenie.

We are pleased with the result, and strongly recommend Video Guru for producing promotional videos.

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We offer exceptional benefits, Maintain high quality and meet short deadlines. Built-in video creation process that allows for continuous dialogue with the customer to give him exactly what he wants, and a little more. We offer competitive pricing, including all the elements of production, script, illustration and design, narration, background music, animation and editing.

Video Guru was founded in 2014 and we have since produced over 1,000 promotional videos for clients around the world. We offer a variety of categories of promotional videos, web advertisements, tutorials and more. We offer a wide range of design and animation options for every budget and every marketing task. We would be very happy if you contact us.

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