Customer Story – Video Guru Created an Awesome Animated Video For Amdocs

Video Guru created for Amdocs a charming and successful animated video for the internal distribution of a new solution launched in the company

Kobi Pazzy, Solution Integration & Implementation Manager at Amdocs shares his positive experience.

The Video’s Qualities

The qualities of the video are expressed in its lighthearted, catchy and cute way, but mainly thanks to its effective message delivery. The video is engaging and positive and thus matches the spirit of the project, and is equally believable.

The name of the game was to produce an effective, short, clear video with a positive effect that generates interest from the viewer and their engagement. And the result was similar: viewers understood the video’s message well, enjoyed it and the added light humor was the icing on the whipped cream.

Effective Video Production

The whole process took about 4-6 weeks, during which we worked directly with Eran Kaplan.
Eran was available and attentive, came up with ideas, sought solutions, and also created the required integrations with the various departments. I would also like to note the fruitful response time and cooperation with a common goal of success.

About Video Guru

Video Guru is a team of highly experienced professional script writers, designers, animators, voice-over artists and project managers. We strive for excellence and won’t stop until we’ve delivered an effective, engaging Explainer Video for your business. We create powerful Explainer Videos that help sell your product or service to your target market, as well as in-depth educational and training videos.

Indeed, In today’s digital age, it’s hard for businesses to stand out and connect with its customers. We understand that. Which is why we are dedicated to helping businesses, like yours, get their message across – simply, uniquely and successfully.

With a team of 25 artists in-house, we offer a range of video types at a variety of prices – one to fit every budget.

We offer several styles at different animation finish levels. First and foremost, we specialize in creating 3D Animated videos, and we offer clients a real difference in both video content and visibility. We go down to the smallest details and offer very high-quality and competitive costs. We also offer a number of styles of 2D Animation videos, including character animations, motion graphics animations, and whiteboard animations.

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