Explainer Video Production with Stock Footage

Stock footage market seems to be increasing as the days pass. With so much content being stored away as waste, new and exciting opportunities arise for explainer videos since stock footage can be used as a base for design. The only price being is the royalty you may have to pay, a small cost in the larger scheme of things.

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With the number of businesses around the world and their levels of marketing campaigns, there are many types and qualities of footage available. All you have to do is decide which one would be the best fit for your business and its explainer video. For a low cost, explainer videos with stock can seem to have a more professional and international look that promotes your brand name and image.

See couple of great examples for explainer videos with stock footage

The task of creating around a base stock footage can seem easy but once you get into the business, you understand the complexity it requires. Here is when we extend our expertise to you. We have a wide range of professionals that are experts in storytelling, design and animation. They can create effective explainer videos with stock footage for any brand.

The production process that our experts will have to go through is simple and bound to help create the perfect explainer video for your business.

Creating a Great Script

The only thing that will bring your explainer video down is the use of stock without a fitting script. No matter how exciting, bold and ambitious the stock footage is, a bland script is not going to effectively capture the attention of the viewers. Thus, it is important for the script to be engaging, creative and exciting. It should complement the nature of the footage and the overall aim of the explainer video.

Creating a Footage Based Storyboard

The storyboard is the step taken towards actual visualization; it includes the frame by frame buildup of the explainer video. This is where the designers can decide what aspects of the stock video will be used. It also gives them an opportunity to add a personal touch through color correction, altering motion graphics and even playing around with typography. This is something that will make the entire video look consistent, it will bring the stock footage to life.

Adding an Animation Layer

The last thing that can be done is the addition of layers of animation within the footage. If our expert animators add a layer of animation to the explainer video, it will bring the quality of the footage up a notch. You can even choose to have us add 3D elements within the footage to give it that extra appeal.

When creating explainer videos with stock, our expert are careful and meticulous. They ensure that they give the footage a personalized touch that falls in line with what your business stands for and promotes your brand image. They ensure that a quality project is designed; one that looks homogenous, as if it was newly shot and put together. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll create the perfect explainer video for you.

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