How to Create a High Quality Tutorial Video

In the era of video marketing, tutorial videos are the latest trend that everyone’s been following. The reason for their popularity is quite simple; people are interacting with new things every single day and need to know just how to use them or work with them.

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Tutorial videos are great ways for companies to help their customers understand just how to use the products and services they are in possession of. It’s not only a message straight from businesses to the customers, but it’s also something that’s going to be helpful to the latter.

A sample tutorial video for TEVA

Companies traditionally make print media in the form of pamphlets or brochures in order to provide instructions on how to use their products. As anyone knows, reading such stuff can be quite boring and mostly customers just ignore print media entirely. If the product does require instructions to be used properly, you will need to instruct your customers to help them use your products. Video tutorials are an immersive and interesting way of doing that.

Let’s take a look at what video tutorials offer, why they matter, and how to create awesome video tutorials.

What Type of Companies Should Consider Tutorial Videos

The companies that can get the most out of tutorial videos are the ones that offer products or services that need a specific set of instructions in order to be used. These can include electronic companies, ridesharing services, banks, and many other different kinds of companies.

If at any point you and your company feel the need to instruct your customers on how to use a specific product or for any purpose, tutorial videos are your best bet and just what you need to go for immediately.

What Kind of Products Fit Best for Tutorial Videos

Depending on the situation and the requirements, there is seemingly no ends to the kind of products that fit well for tutorial videos. You can make a tutorial video for just about anything after all. However, the following products or services are ones that you need to create tutorial videos for:

Form Based Websites

Websites that are form based require a lot of user interaction with multiple fields and planes. Users need to know exactly what they need to do at different points. For that, a video tutorial is the best thing to use.

Data Driven Websites

Data driver websites usually offer visitors a lot of things to explore and discover. However, to properly use them, visitors need to know where to access data from and where to locate the things they require. To help them with that, a tutorial video can be put to use.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is one of the leading outlets online. They are a platform that allows people to fulfil their needs while sitting right at home. For people who do not have experience with such platforms, case in point the elderly, distrust can spring up easily. In order to ensure them that the service they are using is completely legitimate, and how it is legitimate, a tutorial video can come in handy.

Public Website Offering Critical Information

Public websites often have to relay important information to the public. When done through text, engagement from readers is often quite low. On the other hand, a video for that could very well get through to the people.

Government and Municipal Websites

In the same vein, government and municipal websites usually update their websites in order to reveal new laws or policies. A better way to convey the information to the viewers would be through videos. Tutorial videos in this case can tell people just what the new laws will change and how it will affect things.

Financial Services

Companies offering financial services to clients can make use of tutorial videos in order to relay just how their services can benefit customers. Relaying the benefits of services can be done through tutorial videos.

Training Videos

Training videos have become a main fixture in just about any company. Training videos have a better effect when they are made in the form of tutorials.

Online Software

Online software are becoming widely available and are being used by an increasing number of people every day. Letting people know how to make use of them is just what tutorial videos are for.

Multinational Organizations

Multinational organizations are obviously expansive and need to explain to a wide number of people how they operate and function. To do so, a tutorial video can come in very handy.

Online Applications

Similar to software, online applications are a rising trend and are considered to be the future of the internet. Letting people know how they can use them is just what tutorial videos do best.

Smartphone Applications

Imagine how easy life would be if every smartphone application came with a short video tutorial informing people how to use it.

How Many Tutorial Videos Do You Need?

There’s no end to how many tutorial videos you can make. However, the amount should depend on your company’s needs. Many make a tutorial video for each distinct product or service. However, the more videos you give to a consumer, the more chance you have of alienating them. Hence you should only make tutorial videos when necessary.

How to Get Great Quality Tutorial Videos at Great Prices?

If you’re looking for top quality tutorial videos, Video Guru is the company for you. We bring you great tutorial videos that follow the Explainer process at the perfect rates. If you want your tutorial video to be done right, Video Guru is the company for you.

Can You Make Them Yourself?

If you want to know how to make a high quality tutorial video, there are multiple tutorials on the internet just for that. However, not being a professional at video making means that your video might turn out less engaging that you wanted it to be. To make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s better to trust the professionals with your tutorial video.


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