How To Create A Video Based Landing Page

If you’re running a video based campaign, trying to generate quality leads and create an effective campaign, you might want to read this short post. These 10 tips are likely to grant you with an improved ROI on your lead generation campaign, by increasing the conversation rate of your landing page.

You are likely to invest your marketing budget in several different channels to get your leads clicking and landing at your page. It could be organic traffic to your website, an Adwords campaign, social media traffic, events or a business development firm that will help you generate quality leads.

Your goal is to receive contact form with the email address or mobile phone of your lead. Once you have your leads’ contact details, you’ll know exactly what to do…

Here are our 10 tips for creating your B2B landing page

  1. The title – Create a clear and sharp title that is covering your lead’s pain. Your lead is likely to spend more time on your page if the first thing they see is touching a real predicament/problem/issue in their organization
  2. Subtitle – Support the main title with a subtitle that is more informative, and complete the basic information your lead needs, to gain enough interest to continue scrolling down the page.
  3. Explainer video – Create a short video and place it in a top location on your page. 60-90 seconds maximum. It will be a great assistance to your leads’ understanding of what you are talking about. Keep in mind that the flow of written information over the web, a video is the most effective way to gain your lead’s attention, by feeding them a well formulated message.
  4. Description – Clear and fluent information about the company, product, or specific campaign description is a must and can be placed below the title area.
  5. Benefits – Make sure to present highlighted benefits of the company or the product. A block of text including your benefits is not the right way to go, a few bullets with short and clear benefits will do a great job, and will likely to draw the attention of your lead.
  6. Testimonials – Make sure to add 2-3 testimonials in order to provide your lead with 3rd party opinions of your company’s products. People do read testimonials, and are more likely to continue exploring your proposition.
  7. Contact form – Your goal is to receive a filled contact form. Do not provide your lead with more than one option of where to go if they show interest. One simple contact form, or a contact button is the right way to go. External links or multiple download options, will leave your lead in an unnecessary cross road on how to continue, should they find interest in your product.
  8. Call for action – A photo of the CEO or the VP of marketing with a clear statement about the company, followed by a call for action is an important contribution to your company’s credibility. The call for action can appear here, and on the contact form as well. Call for action can be an extended warranty, a free trial, a limited discount (or: limited discounts) etc. Help your lead convert.
  9. Client’s logos – You are welcome to provide additional visual credibility to your lead by adding selected and important customer logos at the bottom of your page. Remarketing campaign – In case your lead left the page without leaving their details, without conversation, a remarketing campaign is a simple way to keep reminding them of your offer. Creating a remarketing campaign in Adwords is easy, and the cost should definitely be budgeted as part of the campaign. You want to get another chance to return your lead to your website.
  10. A/B testing – Create two different versions of your landing page, and make changes in the main title, and the page structure to verify whether page A or B generate better conversations. This way you will know which version should be the leading landing page.

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