How to create high converting B2B explainer Videos


B2B Explainer videos are the prime tool of marketing and promotion for Business-to-Business (B2B).

They ensure that the name of the business is knows by many across the globe by expanding their area of influence greatly. As people like and shore the video, the more people become aware about the brand identity. For B2B companies, explainer videos can be critical.

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It is important to understand the fact that a straight forward approach is always best. Since the idea of B2B is pretty straightforward itself, a transaction between two business entities, the explainer video should be just the same. It should be able to positively influence the viewer because, as a potential customer, they are considered to be influencers. The business that does opt to avail your services thus becomes an influencer for your brand. They are able to exaggerate the success of your business if they feel that your business will be an asset for them. Thus, explainer videos can be great encouraging factor that bring you to attention.

So how will you exactly create this explainer video?

Ensure agreement

Both the parties need to make sure that they are on the same page. Decisions like what the target market should be need to be clear at the start so as to avoid any confusion later on. Agreement of the objective, style and the kind of content needs to exist so that the maximum number of viewers can be obtained.


Formality is key

When dealing with B2B explainer videos, it is important to keep the language formal. This is because of the recognition that instead of marketing directly to a regular consumer, you are marketing to another business. They are aware of the technicalities. They, most often, demand deeper information as they need to be reassured that you are as informed as they are. Additionally try and manage a formal and elegant use of call to action as well to compel the viewer to make a move


Think long-term

Each video you make for B2B marketing should be considered for the long term. When dealing with a business, you want to avoid short term trends. This is because once those trends are over so is the relevance of your explainer video and by extension your business. Thus ensure that the long-term commitment is present when creating the video.


Treat it like an elevator pitch

Your explainer video should be treated like an elevator pitch. Your video should show confidence in your brand and selling point and should aim to exacerbate those very things. In B2B businesses, it is also important to relay how both businesses can help one another and an explainer video is the perfect tool for that.


Remember corporate identity

Often businesses will let go of their corporate identity for a specific transaction with another business and will end up losing out. They don’t get the revenue they could have and are not portrayed to the public as what they set out to be. This it becomes vital for brand identity to remain intact. Sure it is good to have certain levels of flexibility but your explainer videos should uphold your brand identity as it is essential for your survival.

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