How to Make Great Animated Videos for your Business


Animated videos for your business are perhaps the most interactive type of explainer videos that a business can use.

They help reduce the barrier between corporations and the viewers by allowing creativity to manifest itself in a light and easy manner.

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The reason why animation is used is because it is different. It can add that extra boost of creativity that separates your business from the rest –it could even become your unique selling factor.

See a good example in 3d animation – Animated explainer video for the food industry

Despite its numerous benefits, animated videos are still hard to create. They are often time consuming and but cost a little less than the average explainer video. However, they serve to be a long term investment and the story and its depiction could be one that leaves an irreversible impression in the minds of customers.

When deciding on creating an animated video, you should take the following steps:

Create a brief

Once you have decided that an animated video is going to be your avenue for promotion, you need to create a short but formal brief that ensures that you consider all the necessary factors; what the story of the animation is, when to release it, its theme, the way competitors are going about it and what exactly the target market will be. This brief will help you guide the video production companies so that they are able to create an animated video that is tailored to your business.

Match it to the market

It is important to do your market research before creating the video. You want an animated video that suits the style of your market and caters to their needs, wants and evolving requirements.

Create the perfect script

Animation is supposed to be fun, light hearted and quirky. You need a script that matches the energy of the animation and the story being told. You also need to ensure that every piece of vital information is present and clearly relayed to the viewers.

Get creative and surprise your viewers

A creative animated video is one that will grasp the attention of the viewers. Doing the ordinary can make your business seem mundane. If you go about it in a manner that channels the trends that dominate your market, you are more likely to stand out. A shock factor, doing something outside the box, could be your selling point.

Select suitable voice overs

Voice overs are essential in any animation. You want them to be suitable for the characters or the story line that is being followed. A highly comedic tone for an informational, perhaps socially driven, video will not be as strategic as the use of one that sounds professional. Thus the kind of voiceovers you decide to use are what could make your animated video that much better.

Tailor the background music

Just like the voice over, the background music needs to compliment the visuals. If they are soft and bright, the music needs to be in accordance to those qualities and vice versa.

Get a feel of its impact

Once you have created the video, try and play it for your employees and managers. This will give you an idea of how it will be received by the general public. It is helpful as if you feel that certain changes need to be made, there is no potential loss that you will have suffered because you got feedback from members of the business.

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Animation can be tricky, but if done well it is a guaranteed return on investment. We have created animated videos for thousands of businesses with the help of our trained professionals. We will ensure that the video serves your interests and provides you with a unique selling point!


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