How to Turn Your Promo Video Into a Viral Video

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Digital marketing has become a popular avenue for companies of all sizes to explore. Not only does it provide a number of different tools to interact with customers and let them know what you offer, but it also offers you the chance to break your name out instantly. The phenomenon of that happening is usually through a viral video.

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To get your name out, a good promo video is something that does the trick. However, mass popularity is something you can get via the internet if your promo video goes viral and rakes in the views. Having your video go viral is not always in your hands, but there are certain ways through which the chances of a viral video can be increased. Here at Video Guru, we offer you just that.

The Importance of a Good Promo Video

A well-made promo video allows you to announce yourself to the world. It not only helps you get your name heard, but also brings you the opportunity to connect with your customer base. The chances of a promo video going viral increase if it’s well-made, but it’s never a certainty. However, if your video doesn’t go viral, you still have a good promo video that you can use to promote your company and your products.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the chances of getting a viral video, we are here to help. Here’s how we go about it:

Keep the Videos Short

The shorter the videos are, the more watch time they’ll get and the more positively they’ll be viewed by search algorithms. You want more people to watch your videos and by decreasing the length, you can help that.

Make Strong Content

Your promo video needs to be something that makes an impression instead of just letting people know what it is. Strong content is the way to do that and leave a lasting impression.

Deliver a Clear Message

Viral videos rarely involve a large amount of details. Instead, they are mostly light videos that make it easier for people to view them and do so repeatedly as well.

Surprise the Viewers

Add something new to your video. Something that your viewers haven’t seen before. The more creative you are, the more chances you have of seeing your videos become popular among the viewers and being shared multiple times.

Follow Internet Rules

Make sure to follow the tagging and description guidelines that different internet platforms promote. The more you follow the rules, the better the chances of your video being promoted on those specific platforms.

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Do Not Sell Aggressively, Instead of trying to sell aggressively through your video, make it so that your audience feels attracted towards it instead of being compelled. The more you attract the viewers, the better the chances of your promo becoming a viral video.

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